Engaged and happy participants at instructive online workshop

The career network Cphbusiness Alumni successfully hosted its second online event on the topic "How to manage your boss".

18 November 2020

Tuesday 10 November 2020 the career network invited graduates and students to the online workshop "How to manage your boss". The purpose of the workshop was to give participants new insights into the relationship between boss and employee.

Help yourself by helping your boss

If your boss fails, so do you. That is why the workshop taught participants how they can help their boss succeed through different communication techniques and an understanding of the leadership style of their own boss.

Exchange of experience and new learning

The workshop was conducted by Just Pedersen, lecturer at Cphbusiness with more than a decade of experience in business development. Through interesting topics and group discussions, Just safely led participants through the two hour workshop.

Participants got to know each other through several breakout sessions, where they had the opportunity to share experiences with good and bad bosses and reflect on their own performances and how they dealt with bad bosses in the past.

Great way to get new knowledge and meet new people whilst learning more about yourself. I can highly recommend this!
Laura Toldal
Participant and Marketing Management student at Cphbusiness

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