The career network successfully hosts first online event

On Wednesday 21 March 2020 the alumni network hosted their first online event, and it will not be the last.

06 November 2020

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Cphbusiness Alumni had to get creative when hosting their annual career conference. Since a physical setting was not a possibility, the event was converted into an online format and that was a success.

The online event consisted of the workshop "How to use your network" hosted by Pernille Beck Moe from HK, and furthermore the participant could book 20 minutes of personal career counselling or a CV check.

How to use your network

At the workshop the participants learned how to use their network in the best possible way, when finding a new job, needing help with an assignment or general problem-solving. Pernille showed them how to rightly approach their networkr, so they would not come off as pushy or downright rude. During the workshop, participants had time to reflect on the potential of their own network and what solutions there could be for their problems or possible future dreams.

CV check and career counselling

At the CV check and career counselling, participants could also reserve 20 minutes with a professional consultant from HK. These sessions were very popular and many of the consultants were fully booked.

These sessions focused on providing participants withtips and tricks on how to write the perfect CV, our international graduates learned how to target their resume for the Danish job market, and those in industries that suffer due to COVID-19 got advice on the next step in their career.

Satisfied participants

In the evaluation of the event, participants expressed that the counselling created value for both their personal and professional development.

The online career conference was created in collaboration with HK, who sponsored workshop host Pernille Beck Moe and consultants for both CV checks and career counselling.

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