Cphbusiness Internship of the Year 2020/2021: Here are the finalists

57 former and current students have nominated their internship companies for this year's Cphbusiness Internship of the Year 2020/2021. And five finalists have now been selected.

15 April 2021

The finalists for this year’s Cphbusiness Internship of the Year 2020/2021 have been found.

The five finalists have been selected by a panel of internship counselors at Cphbusiness among 57 nominations from students who have been doing their internship during the fall of 2020 or the spring of 2021.

The winner of this year's Cphbusiness Internship of the Year will be found on 20 April 2021. The final is held online due to the corona situation.

The five finalists

This year's five finalists are:

Sabrina Bøgelund is Center Manager for Cphbusiness’ Study and Career department. This is what she says about this year's nominations:

- The synthesis between theory and practice is as usual present in the nominations for Cphbusiness Internship of the Year. And that is good, since it is exactly what distinguishes us. In the process of selecting the five best internships, we have gained a clear view of the importance of professional feedback for the interns' development - both professionally and personally.

- The interns are met with great confidence in their competencies and are given responsibility for specific tasks, which leads to learning and strengthened professional self-confidence. The interns highlight the good atmosphere at the workplace and the experience of being involved and heard as very valuable, Sabrina Bøgelund says.

The winner of Cphbusiness Internship of the Year is in the running towards becoming this year’s Business Academy Internship of the Year, where the winners from all the business academies compete against each other. The winner of the Business Academy Internship of the Year 2020/2021 will be chosen on 10 May.

Meet the finalists

Here you can meet all five finalists and learn more about each of their internships:

  • Kasper Nymark Hildebrand, Bachelor's Degree in International Sales and Marketing, Tivoli

    Name: Kasper Nymark Hildebrand

    Education: Bachelor’s Degree Programme in International Sales and Marketing (Danish)

    Internship company: Tivoli A/S

    Tivoli’s philosophy is that interns are equal with everyone else in the organization, which meant that I was given a lot of responsibility. I took that responsibility at the same time as I used it to develop my skills in strategy, social media, and press management.

    The internship gives me confidence to use my knowledge in practice. I have gained a lot from being in Tivoli, which, I think, is one of the most ambitious and versatile companies in Denmark. They take care of their interns while being very aware that you are learning stuff.

    This is some of the points that Kasper Nymark Hildebrand writes in his nomination of Tivoli A/S for this year’s Cphbusiness Internship of the Year.

    A different and strong professionalism

    Torben Plank is Press Manager at Tivoli A/S and was a mentor and internship supervisor for Kasper Nymark Hildebrand during the internship, which lasted for six months.

    He says that Kasper Nymark Hildebrand's professional profile was different from that of the department's usual interns - and that it was quickly turned into a strength.

    - Kasper came with a strong professionalism and theoretical knowledge in marketing. He is good at selling – where we are traditionally more storytelling in our department. But he quickly adapted, and he was incredibly teachable and open, and he contributed with many good ideas. Not only did he develop a lot, but the department also learned new ways of doing things thanks to him, says Torben Plank.

    During the internship, Kasper Nymark Hildebrand was responsible for several Instagram profiles, including Tivoli Food Hall, and he helped produce content for Tivoli's internal TV program Tivoli News well as.

    - Both on Instagram, Tivoli News and Tivoli's Facebook page, Kasper's contribution was a solid success. The Instagram profile Tivoli Food Hall, gained 8% more followers during the period when he was responsible, says Torben Plank.

    Has developed his skills and feels razor sharp

    The internship was selected by Cphbusiness' panel of internship counselors because of the following reasons:

    From the first day, Kasper was involved in the daily tasks as an equal employee. Tivoli A/S provided a well-planned internship with suitable challenges both professionally and personally for Kasper.

    Kasper's contact person was particularly aware of Kasper's learning and study plan and had an appreciative approach to Kasper's work. Kasper has further developed the competencies he acquired at school, and now feels razor sharp in relation to strategy, Social Media, press management and structuring his workday.

    It is therefore largely to Tivoli's merit that Kasper can now end his studies with a belief in himself and a real-life experience of the synthesis between theory and practice.

  • Caroline Kjær Ramsby, AP Degree in Multimedia Design, Become

    Name: Caroline Kjær Ramsby

    Education: AP Degree in Multimedia Design (Danish)

    Internship company: Become

    My biggest task during the internship landed on my desk a month into my internship period. The task was to create a completely new website for a big company, which I was responsible for. Become relied on my ability to solve larger tasks. I am very happy and honored about that.

    It has given me peace of mind and a belief that I can solve tasks at a high level. Throughout the process, I have received much praise for my work from both Become and the customer, which has helped me believe that I am able do this.

    This is part of what Caroline Kjær Ramsby writes about her internship in the digital marketing agency Become, which she has nominated for Cphbusiness Internship of the Year.

    Took responsibility and delivered high quality work

    During the internship, Michael Rude Cortzen was a mentor and internship supervisor for Caroline Kjær Ramsby. He is the marketing coordinator at Become and he was impressed with Caroline Kjær Ramsby’s contribution during the internship.

    - Caroline dared to take responsibility and from the beginning she came with several good professional contributions. She knew a lot about HTML5 and CSS3 as well as the entire user experience part, which meant that she could quickly solve a wide range of tasks, he says.

    - It was very impressive that she took so much responsibility already at this stage. And the quality of her work was incredibly high, says Michael Rude Cortzen, who would have liked to see Caroline Kjær Ramsby stay at Become a little longer.

    - We had a dream that Caroline would continue at our company after the internship, because we were convinced that she was ready to go straight into a permanent job. But she had already decided to continue her studies afterwards. So, we are just grateful for what she has already contributed, he says.

    Has been considered an equal specialist

    The internship was selected by Cphbusiness' panel of internship counselors because of the following reasons:

    Caroline has experienced to be considered an equal specialist throughout the internship. One month into the process, she was assigned a major task for DI (Dansk Industri), for which she was given responsibility. She experienced that the responsibility, and the confidence, developed her a lot, and she herself gained belief in her own abilities. Caroline has learned a lot from the project with DI, because she has not previously had direct customer contact. She has incorporated her knowledge and skills from the study programme.

    Caroline has experienced that her contact person in the company and her office manager have played a major role in her professional and personal development, and states that there is a good atmosphere in the workplace. She would recommend Become as an internship company and as a workplace and hopes that she may be able to return after completing her education.

  • Katalin Forgacs, AP Degree in Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management, d’angleterre

    Name: Katalin Forgacs

    Education: AP Degree in Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management (English)

    Internship company: Hotel d'Angleterre

    I consider my overall experience at Hotel d’Angleterre priceless, and I am very proud of the chance of being part of a luxurious service environment where every day’s focus is to achieve great results and create unforgettable experiences for the guests. I firmly believe that the internship at d’Angleterre will be beneficial for my studies due to the skills I have gained and the broad view I got about the newest industry trends. I have no doubts that this could be an excellent kick start to my career.

    Right from the start, I was given a chance to look at things from multiple angles and gain a comprehensive overview of the hotel’s operational background. The communication between us was very effective, and I felt an empathic understanding towards the questions I addressed and the ideas I came up with.

    I am proud to state that this internship provided me with valuable insights into the service and experience industry, and at the same time, I acquired good business acumen.

    This is part of what Katalin Forgacs writes in her nomination of Hotel d’Angleterre as this year’s Cphbusiness internship of the Year.

    Good skills and easy to work with

    Head of Finance at Hotel d’Angleterre, Agnese Alukica, was thrilled to have Katalin Forgacs as an internship at the company.

    - Katalin had a wide range of competencies, and we greatly appreciated her open personality, which made working with her easy and positive. She handled the tasks with high professionalism and dedication and was good at asking questions and showing interest in the hotel and restaurant industry, says Agnese Alukica and adds:

    - I am very grateful and happy to have had Katalin as an intern. She was a great help during the three months that the internship lasted.

    An excellent catalyst to the career

    The internship was selected by Cphbusiness' panel of internship counselors because of the following reasons:

    As an intern at Hotel d ’Angleterre, Katalin was given great responsibility from day one, as she was given the task of working with the daily revenue reports and thus very sensitive company information. She felt welcome right from the start, when a professional onboarding was arranged virtually in the hotel's own app. Throughout the internship, Katalin learned from very accommodating, helpful, and committed colleagues.

    The internship gave Katalin the opportunity to develop her skills and knowledge of hotel management, and she was especially able to bring her professional skills in economics and trend forecasting into play, as the hotel also had to adapt to the corona situation.

    Working in a professional, luxury hotel with high standards has given Katalin an excellent catalyst to her further career in the hotel industry.

  • Sigga Pedersen, AP Degree in Commerce Management, Upodi

    Name: Sigga Pedersen

    Education: AP Degree in Commerce Management (Danish)

    Internship company: Upodi

    During the internship, I have become better at saying no, being strong in my attitude and appearance and realizing that I have gained huge knowledge within my subject. I have been encouraged to constantly develop both professionally and personally, and I have always received good praise and constructive feedback.

    Right from the time my application was submitted, Upodi was an insanely good company. They provided quick feedback and I was off to an enjoyable job interview where I felt comfortable in an environment with a genuine interest in me and what I could bring to the table. When I was hired, my boss spent a lot of time to get me onboard, and it made me feel like they really made an effort to give me a good internship.

    This is some of what Sigga Pederen writes, about her internship company Upodi, where she was an intern for eight months and has since been hired as a Sales Development Representative.

    Was curious and willing to learn

    Upodi helps companies with subscription management. Tobias Dalby Binau is Senior Sales Executive in the company, and he was Sigga Pedersen's daily manager during the internship, where he was particularly impressed by her willingness to learn.

    - In Upodi, we work with quite advanced software and IT systems, but from the beginning Sigga showed great curiosity and willingness to learn, he says.

    - Sigga had a natural interest in talking to people and understanding the issues we work with. It is a sign of quality not to give up until you understand things. And she had a professional ballast from Cphbusiness, which allowed her to interact and analyze different situations, says Tobias Dalby Binau, who believes that the successful internship is mostly because of Sigga Hagen Pedersen herself.

    - We have done our best to make the best internship and been aware of our responsibility as an internship company. But in the end, it is Sigga's merit that she has had such a good internship, he says.

    Have felt valued and respected

    The internship was selected by Cphbusiness' panel of internship counselors because of the following reasons:

    From day one, Sigga has felt valued and respected at Upodi. Sigga has been given responsibility and assigned exciting tasks, which have given her a lot of new knowledge self-confidence. Throughout the internship, there has been good feedback on the tasks. Sigga has been well received and there was a good onboarding program. A safe environment was created for Sigga, and a good amount of time was set aside for the intern.

    Sigga has had the opportunity to influence in which direction she wanted to develop. She has constantly developed professionally and personally, and her boss has taught and helped in the process as well as giving constructive feedback.

    Through the internship, Sigga has become a good salesman and has gained a lot of knowledge. There has been a sincere interest in the intern, who has been both seen and listened to. Sigga has been given some really good work assignments, which have been built further on. Therefore, she is now able to handle complex purchasing processes and close agreements with larger companies. In addition, Sigga has been employed full time in Upodi after completing her internship.

  • Marcus Brown, AP Degree in Financial Management, Kereby ApS

    Name: Marcus Brown

    Education: AP Degree in Financial Management (Danish)

    Internship company: Kereby ApS

    From day one, I felt welcomed at Kereby ApS. Everything was ready for me when I started. Both computer and phone were set up and ready, and time was set aside to get to know the colleagues in the department. During my first week, I had a clear sense that the whole house knew who I was and greeted me when I met them. But what has especially made a big impression on me is that I have been treated as an equal from the start.

    The warm welcome from everyone in the house, the collaboration with colleagues, the ongoing evaluations with my manager and the support that Kereby has given has helped me not feel like just an intern, but as a resource that could be further developed.

    This is some of what Marcus Brown writes in his nomination of Kereby ApS for this year’s Cphbusiness Internship of the Year.

    Had a good approach from the start

    Henrik Christiansen, Head of Administration at Kereby ApS, was Marcus Brown's internship supervisor, and he was very satisfied with the internship period as well.

    - We really liked Marcus' approach. He did not know much about the real estate industry in advance, but he was good at learning and getting to know our processes, he says.

    - Marcus' interest in the outside world and in finance benefited us a lot during the time he was here as an intern, and that is part of why we have hired him in a permanent job afterwards, says Henrik Christiansen.

    Has developed both professionally and personally

    The internship was selected by Cphbusiness' panel of internship counselors because of the following reasons:

    Even before the internship began, Kereby involved Marcus in a dialogue about the content of the internship, which gave him influence and co-responsibility for the outcome. During the internship, Marcus had regular status meetings with his manager, where they evaluated and subsequently expanded the complexity of the tasks as Marcus developed. Therefore, he had optimal conditions for professional development.

    During the internship, there were major changes in Marcus' private life. It was handled exemplarily and humanely by Kereby.

    During the internship, Kereby has shown professional leadership and care for Marcus. They have thereby ensured that Marcus has developed both professionally and personally. They have shown him that there can be room for both high professional ambitions and a good private life.