Exchange students

Who can apply

Students coming from our partner universities, who are nominated by their home university, can apply for an exchange semester at Cphbusiness.

Please check with the International Office at your home university before applying.

How to apply

  1. Make sure you are nominated for a semester abroad at Cphbusiness by your home institution (contact the international office of your home institution)
  2. Wait for the information e-mail from Cphbusiness (we usually send this to nominated students the week after the nomination deadline)
  3. Follow the instructions provided in the e-mail.

Course structure

All semester packages available to exchange students are mentioned and described in the Course Catalogue.

The semester packages described in our course catalogue are available at four of our campuses located in Copenhagen. You cannot always choose the campus yourself but we will take your priorities into consideration when assigning a place in a class.

Teaching methods

As an exchange student, you are studying under the same conditions as regular students. You will be studying in classes with Danish as well as other international students. Students will often be divided in groups across nationalities and they will have to solve tasks together. Most case work, projects and exams are performed as group work.

Teaching and exams at Cphbusiness are often interdisciplinary. This means it is not possible for you to select individual courses of one educational programme and combine with other courses of another programme in order to compose a tailor-made study programme. You have to apply for a full semester package (30 ECTS) of one educational programme as described in the Course Catalogue.

English proficiency requirements

At Cphbusiness, students must prepare for each class by reading relevant literature, discussing it with their group or with the lecturers and writing projects already from the first weeks of the semester. This means students must be used to speaking, reading and writing English at high level.

The minimum level of English accepted at Cphbusiness is B2 on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages corresponding to TOEFL 550 or IELTS 6.0.

Grading System and Transcript of Records

Please see a description of the Danish grading system here.

Exams and projects are also interdisciplinary at Cphbusiness and several subjects are covered by one exam. Only one overall grade will be awarded per exam and it is not possible to give a grade in each subject.

An exam or a project can also be given a "passed" or a "not passed". This is reflected in the Transcript of Records issued at the end of the semester.
Transcripts of Records are issued as following:

  • After the autumn semester – by the end of February
  • After the spring semester – by the end of July

Transcripts of Records will be sent by post directly to the international office of the home institution. PDF copies will be e-mailed to students and exchange coordinators.

  • Course catalogue
  • How to apply

    If you want to study a semester at Cphbusiness, please start by contacting the international office of your home university.

    They will inform you about the application process and will nominate you for a semester abroad.

    Once you are nominated, you will receive an e-mail from Cphbusiness with more information and a link to an online application form.

    In the application form you will have to select two available semesters by prioritizing them according to your study area. Please note that we cannot guarantee that all exchange students will be enrolled in the semester/programme of their first priority. We will do our best to make the most suitable match and suggest alternatives if necessary.

    Please note that an application for one of our Top-Up Bachelor's Degree Programmes must be supported by extra documentation in the form of transcripts of grades from all years of higher education. Please scan and send them to immediately after filling in the application form. Please name your email "Att. Raluca - Extra documentation incoming exchange student".

  • Dates and deadlines

    Nomination deadlines (for partner institutions)

    • Autumn semester 2017:
      • nonEU students – 1 April 2017
      • EU students – 15 April 2017
    • Spring semester 2018:
      • nonEU students – 1 October 2017
      • EU students – 15 October 2017

    Application deadlines (for nominated students)

    • Autumn semester 2017:
      • nonEU students – 15 April 2017
      • EU students – 1 May 2017
    • Spring semester 2018:
      • nonEU students – 15 October 2017
      • EU students – 1 November 2017

    Semester dates

    • Autumn semester: end August – 31 January
    • Spring semester: end January – 30 June

    More specific dates will be included in the students’ "Acceptance Letters".

    Exam period

    • Exams usually take place as follows:
      • Autumn semester: December/January
      • Spring semester: May/June

    Cphbusiness International is not responsible for setting dates for exams. Students get information about this after they start their studies at Cphbusiness. Final exam dates are usually set in May or November and changes may always occur.

    We therefore urge our incoming exchange students to be prepared to be in Denmark for the whole duration of the semester, mentioned above.


    You can read more about holidays in the brochure Welcome to Cphbusiness.

  • Practical information

    For important information related to the duration of your studies, accommodation, etc. please check Living in Denmark.

    For more information please contact