Global Leadership Programme

The Global Leadership Programme gives you the tools to face today's challenges within globalisation, digitalisation and responsible leadership. The programme will equip you to continuously learn and develop your skills in order to prepare for the future, where constant learning and adapting is essential.

The Global Leadership Programme gives you a compass for leadership in a new reality

You are either a middle manager, project manager or a coordinator, in charge of leadership roles, where globalisation, digitalisation and sustainability offers challenging possibilities.

As a leader, you are both dedicated and ready to seize the future.

The programme will equip you with the tools, theories and methods you need in order to work on yourself and your relations, in a global, digital and sustainable context. Some of the questions we will work on together are:

  •  How do you remain relevant for the future - as a person and as a corporation?
  • How do you create a responsible leadership, which benefits you, your relations and the business?
  • How do you create ownership and commitment across borders?
  • How do you make digitalisation work for you?

 The global leadership programme can be tailored to your company's needs.

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The programme is designed to be tailored to the needs of your company. You can choose between the indidvidual workshops to create the perfect programme for your employees.

Get an overview of the programme workshops:  

Global Diversity Leadership

  • What is culture and what does cultural intelligence mean?
  • How to act reflectively in a multicultural business world
  • Cross-cultural communication and the challenge of multicultural teams
  • How to manage and benefit from the potential of diversity


Leadership in a Digital World

  • Management of digital processes
  • Implementing digital processes
  • Possibilities in digitalization
  • Gains and pitfalls in digital leadership


Organisational Leadership and the Mindful Organisation

  • The professional meeting point in a complex business world
  • How to focus on your core business performance while also keeping a sound internal environment
  • The mindful leader and organisation - how?


Management and Personal Leadership

  • Authentic leadership. Your values in leadership and business development
  • Communication creating commitment in core business - from a systemic perspective
  • Understanding yourself and seeing others


Leadership and Learning

  • Personal knowledge mastery - a sustainable approach to lifelong learning in a digital word
  • Matching your competences to the requirement of your company and the future


Sustainable Change Leadership

  • Introduction to sustainable leadership and change management theory
  • Prerequisites for change - internal and external
  • How to communicate if you want change to happen
  • Your individual action plan as a change agent




Helle Haahr Nielsen 
Tlf.: 36 15 47 00

  • Learning

    Learning principles

    We believe that the best leaders are constant learners.

    You continuously learn from diverse sources: stakeholders, books, blogs, YouTube videos, fiction, music, art, friends, family etc. However, what is actually in focus for you? What is relevant for leadership now and in the future? What can you do in your leadership to support sustainable business and a better world?

    We believe that future relevant learning is based on the following principles:

    Sense: To be fully aware of what is happening around you. See, feel, and listen. Your learning is based on information, knowledge, and your senses. Awareness of yourself and your surroundings.

    Experiment: To experiment practising your new learnings. To experience and learn even more. We believe that practice and reflection upon this creates wisdom in leadership.

    Reflect: We will make an effort to ask you questions that help you find your way. Focus, structure and a vocabulary in sustainable leadership will improve your reflection skills.

    Share: To share, give and and receive knowledge is a profound competence in today’s world of complexity and rapid change. Leadership is about being aware of connectedness and having an intense feeling of direction. To be aware of how, why and when you share is a part of your personal leadership. Sharing is giving and co-creating direction.

    Mandatory activities:

    • Keeping a learning logbook
    • Participation in a learning group (virtual working)

    The purpose of the learning logbook is to present learning points in relation to the key issues on workshop days. The learning logbook will be a part of your material presented at the examination at the end of the programme.

    The purpose of the learning group is to exchange experiences in relation to your new initiatives and actions. At the end of each workshop, there will be a short presentation of the programme for the learning group between workshop days. The learning group will be the same throughout the programme. The lectures create the learning groups.

    We expect you to read some literature, watch videos or listen to podcasts between workshops. Your preparation may also be observation in your leadership role, interviewing, coaching, reflection, completing tests, asking for feedback, reading blogs etc. 
    The teaching itself is based on short theoretical presentations followed by exercises, exchange of experiences and training. 
    You will meet different participants in different group settings during the programme.

    All materials (PowerPoints, links, articles) will be available on our learning platform Moodle.

    The training requires that you are open to engage in a dialogue about your challenges, good experiences, solutions, best practice and next (future) practice.

    We ask participants to focus on their professional field - leadership. Therefore, we encourage you to share supplementary materials such as interesting books, articles, videos, links etc. that you come across.

  • Start-up package

    You will receive a start-up package including:

    • Introduction to Moodle - the learning platform
    • Introduction to action learning - Why, how, what
    • Introduction to your personal business project and how to work with and learn from the business project
    • Introduction to effective learning in learning groups
    • Introduction to learning logbook
    • Preparation for your first workshop including litterature to be studied
  • Your personal business project

    Your personal business project is a challenge in your leadership/area of responsibility that will benefit from actions and reflection throughout the programme. The challenge is your focus area for reflections and actions as well as a starting point for your personal examination at the end of the programme.

  • Certificate of Completion

    You will receive a Global Leadership Programme Certificate in Sustainable Leadership.


    The exam is based on your personal business project and your learning logbook. Subjects for examination include reflections on sustainable leadership and value creating processes in your present leadership role/area of responsibility.



  • External lecturers

    Kenneth Mikkelsen

    Kenneth Mikkelsen

    Kenneth Mikkelsen is a writer, speaker, business adviser and learning designer. It is difficult to present Kenneth without reducing the diversity that represents his work. In his book: The Neo-Generalist, co-authored with Richard Martin, he points out that this difficulty in labelling and categorisation is a trait shared by people who are serial masters and bridge a diverse set of specialties. Kenneth is educated as a journalist (1997), and has worked with global leadership since then. Some keywords describing Kenneth Mikkelsen could be social philosopher, leadership consiglieri, executive development expert and futurist.

    His work has featured in publications like Harvard Business Review, Financial Times, The Economist, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, BBC, Forbes, Management Today, The Sunday Times, The Globe and Mail, Developing Leaders, Global Focus, China Economic Review, Personnel Today, Emerald Insight, Training and Development, Strategic Direction, The National, La Depeche, Management Issues, and all major Scandinavian media outlets.

    In his new book, The Neo-Generalist, he explores the value of multidisciplinarity, of living in more than one world.
    You will meet Kenneth Mikkelsen in the workshop: Leadership and learning. Kenneth has designed and will be facilitating the Personal Knowledge Mastery component of the Global Leadership Program.

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  • Internal lecturers

    Helle Haahr Nielsen

    Professional Background 

    Helle Haahr Nielsen has years of experience as a Leadership Consultant, Assistant Professor and Project Manager. She has been working with organizational and leadership development for 3 decades – spanning from industrial sector to service industries, from leadership of small projects to big scale projects and from leadership challenges in the private to the public sector. 
    The last 10 years have been with a focus on leadership in a global context. Helle is an external examiner at Master Programs at CBS, Copenhagen Business School.

    Major clients recently have been Haldor Topsoe A/S, Cobham (former Thrane & Thrane A/S), and NIRAS.

    Professional Focus areas

    Implementing strategies, global sustainable leadership, and communication. She is especially experienced in designing leadership development programs and learning processes in the cross field between the latest findings in research, the actual challengers within the organization, the talents and experience of the leader him-/herself and the co creation with stakeholders and partners.

    Educational Background  

    Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration, MSc (Econ.)
    Systemic Coaching (Gitte Haslebo), Process Consultation and Supervision (Sten Clod), Theoretical and Practical Pedagogical Education (DEL).
    Helle is a certified in Myers Briggs Personality Type Test/Jungs Type Indicator.


    Helle continuously participates in professional events within the field of leadership, management and strategizing. Being an external examiner at several leadership educations gives Helle a close impression of challenges, developments in private companies as well as inspiration in learning designs.

    • NOCA - Network of Corporate Academies
    • CFL - Center for Ledelse
    • Dansk Projektledelse
    • CVL – Center for Virksomhedsudvikling og Ledelse på CBS
    • TAO institute Network

    Conference networks:

    OEB (formerly known as ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN) is the global, cross-sector conference on technology supported learning and training. Participating Dec. 17.

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    Hans Thomsen

    Professional Background

    Hans Thomsen has years of experience as a teacher and consultant. As a manager, Hans Thomsen has worked in international corporations, lived and worked in Denmark, USA, Nepal, Vietnam and Greenland. His managerial experience spans several levels in various companies, as an employee, middle manager and on the executive branch. Hans creates a space of reflection and solutions, by combining the latest theory with playful and energetic approach, which helps create new possibilities and perspectives for the participants.

    Hans Thomsen is certified in Belbin and SL2.

    Professional Focus

    Hans’s current focus is in sustainability in leadership, Personal Knowledge Mastery, disruption via Singularity University and how management navigates in the newest wave of digitalisation.
    Hans is currently participating in a research project on management of young employees. The project investigates the possible discrepancy between how young employees are currently being managed and how they prefer to be managed.

    Hans continuously participates in professional events within the field of management and communication. In 2017, Hans participated in the AOM conference in Atlanta, as a part of the NOCA network. In 2016, he participated in Online-Educa in Berlin. Continuous participation in events from CFL and Lederne.

    Educational Background

    Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration, MSc (Econ.)


    • NOCA - Network of Corporate Academies
    • CFL - Center for Ledelse
    • Dansk Projektledelse
    • CVL – Center for Virksomhedsudvikling og Ledelse på CBS
    • TAO institute Network

    Conference networks:

    OEB (formerly known as ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN) is the global, cross-sector conference on technology supported learning and training. Participating Dec. 17. 

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    Jeanett Kiy

    Professional Background

    Jeanett’s professional background includes twenty years of leadership and management experience at all levels, in both private and public corporations. She has been stationed in the Fiji Islands and worked as a volunteer in Lebanon. She was admitted as a teacher in the EU commission’s educational department for leadership training (EAS) and has worked with cultural understanding and leadership training for several years in different contexts. She is certified as a personal navigator and is an experienced facilitator of development processes, for individuals, teams, groups and companies. Her teaching credentials includes in-house company education at blue-collar level and teaching international law students at Copenhagen University.

    Professional Focus

    Jeanett focus areas is: Global Project Leadership, relational and connected leadership,
    Organizational Citizenship and the mindful organization in a business

    Educational Background  

    Jeanett has a degree in law, psychology, and mediation.


    • Mentor in KVINFO (The Danish Centre for Gender, Equality and Ethnicity)
    • NOCA - Network of Corporate Academies
    • CFL - Center for Ledelse

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    Karen Hoby Skanning

    Professional background

    Karen has developed courses and trained international leaders in personal communication for more than 25 years. Her experience as head of corporate communications in a leading global company of consulting engineers has given her extensive hands-on experience with versatile communication and leadership challenges. In her role as a manager, she travelled extensively and had dotted line responsibility for communication managers of different nationalities. She has lived in England for three years and has done voluntary work in India.
    Alongside her Cphbusiness position, Karen is also an External Lecturer at Copenhagen Business School (CBS).
    Karen has Level 2 CQ certification in Cultural Intelligence from the Cultural Intelligence Center in Michigan, USA

    Professional focus

    Karen’s focus areas are leadership communication, the sustainable organisation, communication in a global context, diversity bias and managing multi-cultural teams.

    Educational background

    Karen holds a Master’s Degree in English, Communication and Rhetoric. Theoretical and Practical Pedagogical Education (DEL)


    • Mentor for young women from different cultural backgrounds in KVINFO (The Danish Centre for Gender, Equality and Ethnicity)
    • External examiner at several leadership and communication educations
    • Member of the advisory board for the Faculty of Department of English Germanic and Romance Studies at the University of Copenhagen
    • Member of The European Speechwriters’ Network in the UK
    • NOCA - Network of Corporate Academies
    • CFL - Center for Ledelse