Going abroad

Going abroad

Continuity is one of the main ingredients for successful integration in Denmark. We therefore advise all our international students to focus on their studies, learn Danish and try their best to find and carry out their internship in Denmark.

Interrupting your stay in Denmark by a semester or internship abroad usually means losing accommodation, address, part-time job as well as having extra costs. When you are back, you might have to start all over again.

Internship abroad

Cphbusiness regards internships in Denmark as the best way for international students to integrate on the job market. An internship in Denmark means the possibility to practice Danish, get accustomed to the Danish working culture, a Danish network as well as – if both company and intern are satisfied – a first full-time job after graduation.

You may choose to carry out your internship in another country than Denmark or your home country. Cphbusiness International can assist you with this process.

Study period abroad

Long-term study period

You may choose to study for one semester at one of the exchange partner institutions of Cphbusiness or at another educational institution abroad. You will be introduced to your possibilities, the procedures, the financial consequences etc. by the international coordinators after you have commenced your studies at Cphbusiness.

Short-term study period

Most educational programmes offer short term study programmes abroad – typically 14 days. The programmes are an integrated part of the curriculum - for example a project or an elective course. The 14-days programmes are optional and all expenses are covered by the students themselves.

Very often the programmes are developed in cooperation with one of our international partners, with the participation of students from both the partner institution and Cphbusiness.

Cphbusiness conducts short term programmes in for instance:

  • Korea: Seoul
  • Ghana: Cape Coast
  • Germany: Berlin