Finding accommodation in Greater Copenhagen

Finding accommodation in Copenhagen is very difficult and it takes some time and effort.

Please start searching for accommodation as soon as possible. We recommend at least two to three months before you expect to start your at Cphbusiness.

When you have confirmed your study place, Cphbusiness can assist you in your accommodation search but please note that Cphbusiness does not offer accommodation for neither Danish nor international students.

International students looking for accommodation can contact us with specific questions at

You can join the Facebook group Cphbusiness - Accommodation and Assistance with student life in Denmark. Here you can gain tips and tricks on how to find a place to stay and start your student life in Copenhagen. At times postings for accommodation is also posted.

For international students we are ready to answer accommodation related questions, help with translations, location of possible rooms/apartments, guidance with applications for dorms etc. This assistance will take place on specific days. This will be announced at the Welcome to Cphbusiness event for new international students.

Accommodation assistance will take place at:

Cphbusiness Campus Søerne
Cphbusiness International
Nansensgade 19
1366 Copenhagen K

Important advice as you search for accommodation:

Typically rent is between € 400 and 850 per month depending on location and standard. A deposit is required by most landlords before moving in and is often one month’s rent for a room. For an apartment this will typically be equal to three months’ rent. The deposit is refundable if you leave the room/apartment in the same condition as you received it.

Never send money via Western Union or other private money transfer institutions but use only authorised banks. You may ask the landlord to send identification details – e.g. a copy of a passport.

Watch out for landlords/owners who are out of the country, travelling or cannot meet you personally - it is usually scam.

Do NOT pay cash.

Do NOT send money via Western Union or similar.

If possible, check out the room or apartment in person. If you cannot go yourself, ask a fellow student for help in the Facebook group mentioned above.

You should always sign a contract with your landlord. Study the contract carefully and be sure to check deadlines for how to give notice.

We strongly recommend you to take photos of the condition of the room you move into in order to prove the condition of the room when moving out.

  • Suggestions to where you can look for accommodation
    • Contact international students who are currently studying in Copenhagen and ask for their advice.
    • KKIK – Student and Youth Accommodation. On this site it is possible (free of charge), to get on to the waiting list for the approx. 6460 student- and youth accommodations in Copenhagen and the surrounding areas, which KKIK has to offer. You can sign up on a waiting list already a year before you expect to commence your studies. Remember to renew your application each month.
    • Newly enrolled students can get a special prioritization of their application for dorms via the studystartlists. This special list is open for applications from 1 August until 31 August.

      You apply via CIU and KIKK.
      Click on the links for further information, and apply both via CIU and via KIKK.

      In order to be in the list you must fulfill the following requirements:
      1) You begin a new study in Copenhagen. Students in Lyngby and Roskilde cannot be at the studystartslists, but can of course apply for youth accommodations via the regular waiting list on CIU and KIKK.
      2) Master students are not considered as new students.
      3) You have at least 1 hour of traveling from your current housing to your study.
      4) Your application is for 1 person only. 2.-person application cannot be in the studystatslist.