Health and safety

Health insurance

As soon as you are registered in Denmark, the Danish health insurance entitles you to free emergency medical treatment by a general practitioner and in public hospitals. Upon registering, the municipality will send you the national health insurance card (“sundhedskort”), which you should always carry with you. The card is your proof that you are entitled to all public healthcare services in Denmark and must be presented at all visits to doctors, hospitals and at pharmacists when collecting prescription medicine.

The card states your name, address and your Civil Personal Registration number (CPR number) as well as the name and address of your doctor. For trips within Europe, please order the “blue card” from the municipality. This will entitle you to the same type of medical care as the residents of the country that you visit.

Nordic citizens

Citizens from Nordic countries are automatically entitled to the same medical treatment as Danish nationals.

EU citizens 

Citizens from European countries should also bring the blue European Health Insurance card (EHIC) obtained in their home country. After obtaining the CPR number and the yellow card (“sundhedskort”) EU citizens are covered by the Danish health insurance.

Other citizens (requiring student visas to Denmark)

Please make sure to register for the Danish health insurance card immediately upon arrival in Denmark as you are only covered by the Danish health insurance from this date.

  • General insurance

    All international students are strongly advised to arrange for a private general insurance during their stay in Denmark, for instance theft and expenses related to home transport in case of severe illness or death in the family

    As a supplement to your health insurance, you need a liability insurance to cover personal injury, legal aid and damage to property. During any international visit, the risk of damage or loss of personal property or effects is real. It is highly likely that you are travelling with a number of items that have considerable value. Please be aware that this remains your personal responsibility.

  • Safety

    Copenhagen and the greater Copenhagen area is generally considered safe but students should still be cautious. Emergency calls from public payphones are free of charge, no coins are needed. You should always state your CPR number.

  • Police
    • Call 114 for assistance
    • 24 hour service: Station City, Halmtorvet 20, 1700 Cph V. Tlf. (+45) 33 14 14 48, Email:
  • Emergencies
    • Call 112 for assistance. 
    • Indicate fire or ambulance as required. Speak slowly and distinctly, state your phone number and the address from where you are calling.
  • Medical emergencies
    • Call 1813 for assistance
  • Pharmacies

    You will find pharmacies ("Apotek") in all Danish cities. They are marked with a green 'A”. Normal opening hours are:

    • Monday - Friday 9:00-17:30
    • Saturday 9:00-13:00.

    Pharmacies with 24-hour service:

    • Københavns Steno Apotek, Vesterbrogade 6C, 1620 Cph V
    • Københavns Sønderbro Apotek, Amagerbrogade 158, 2300 Cph S
    • Lyngby Svane Apotek, Lyngby Hovedgade 27, 2800 Kgs. Lyngby
  • Dentist

    Visiting the dentist is not free of charge and can be quite expensive in Denmark. If you need dental treatment you simply choose any dentist in e.g. the Yellow Pages and call ahead for an appointment.

    • Emergency Dental Service: Oslo Plads 14, DK-2100 Cph Ø (by Østerport station)