Learning Danish

We strongly recommend that you learn some Danish while studying in Denmark. Speaking Danish at a basic/medium level is a big advantage when you are looking for:

  • An unqualified part time job;
  • A qualified part time job;
  • Your internship (which is a compulsory part of all full time educations at Cphbusiness);
  • Full time job in Denmark after your graduation.

International students with CPR number and an official residence in Denmark has plenty of opportunities to learn Danish. Several Language Schools offers free Danish courses with refundable deposit at beginner and advanced level. Which level you join will depend on your prior qualifications.

During the Welcome to Cphbusiness Days and on your campus, we will inform you in detail about the possibilities and the application procedures.

  • Learning Danish online
  • Private language schools and private language teachers

    If you are interested in a more intensive or perhaps a more individually designed course, you can either enquire about intensive and/or individual training possibilities at one of the local language centres, or look for private language schools or private language teachers.

    You can also ask one of your fellow Danish students for some help and maybe even teach them some of your own language in return.