A very useful tool when planning your trip in and around Copenhagen and Denmark is Rejseplanen.

  • Public transportation

    Copenhagen has an extensive and efficient transport system of buses, trains and metro.

    The trains used in the city area and in the suburbs are called S-trains, while the inner city also has metro lines. All facilities of Cphbusiness are located close to S-train stations.

    As a student in Denmark and only after having a CPR number, you can apply for the Youth Card. The Youth Card is a card that enables you to travel from your home to your study campus with discount.

    More information here:

  • Taxi

    You can hail a taxi in the street. Look for the green ”FRI” (free) sign in the front window or on the roof of the taxi. You can also order a taxi from any local company.

    Various companies offer apps for booking as well. Please note that taxis can be quite expensive.

  • Biking

    The easiest, healthiest and cheapest way to get around Copenhagen is on a bike. If you know what you are doing.

    There is a total of 350 kilometers of bike lanes and 40 kilometers of green cycle routes in the greater Copenhagen area.

  • Traffic rules for bikes

    Changing of direction to right or left, must be indicated by extending the corresponding arm.

    Stopping must be indicated by lifting the arm, so bikers behind you can see and stop or overtake you.

    It is your obligation to stop at bus stops where people will cross the bike lane to enter and exit busses.

    Lights on your bike are always compulsory when it is dark.

    Don’t bike in pedestrian streets, zebra crossings and sidewalks.

    Keep as close to the right side as possible. This will give faster bikers the possibility to overtake you if necessary.

  • Rent a bike

    You can rent a second-hand bike or buy a used bike cheap in Copenhagen. It is up to you how much you want to pay.

    There are several bike shops in greater Copenhagen. Ask Danish students for advice on the best places and consider whether you should buy a new or second hand bike.