Why Cphbusiness?

Cphbusiness prepares you for the job market, and you will learn how to apply academic theory in practice. Below you can read more about why you should choose Cphbusiness.

Because of the way you learn

Would you like to learn through active involvement and hands-on exercises? Do you like studying and learning in groups? Then Cphbusiness is just the right choice for you.

Cphbusiness differs from a traditional university in its unique combination of academic theory and practical application. You learn how to use academic theory to solve challenges through continuous exposure to case studies.

Open debate and problem-based learning methods will encourage you to express yourself and teach you how to collaborate with others. Lectures take place in smaller classes.

If you choose Cphbusiness, you can kickstart your career in Denmark after 2 or 3 ½ years of studies. If your goal is a Master’s degree you can apply to a traditional university upon graduation.*

Because of the international environment

Studying at Cphbusiness will boost your intercultural competencies, as you will study alongside 650 international students from +50 nationalities.

Because the internship will strengthen your skills

Your study programme will include an internship where you will be working full-time in a company for 3 months. For many Cphbusiness graduates, the internship becomes a stepping-stone they use to land their first job.

All study programmes have an assigned internship coordinator who will assist you in your search for an internship.

We can help you build your own company

Are you considering a career as an entrepreneur? Is your head bursting with business ideas, or are you already in charge of your own company?

As an educational institution, Cphbusiness wants to enable you to start your own business and not only prepare you for existing jobs.

No matter which type of entrepreneurial support you are looking for, Cphbusiness offers something for you that can help you achieve your dreams.


Cphbusiness is accredited under the Danish accreditation legislation for higher education.

We adhere to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), which ensures recognition within other European educational institutions.

*Please note: Due to the fact that the Danish Educational System ranks as the 3rd best in the World in 2020 and degrees are offered for free to EU citizens, Danish universities receive a lot of applications compared to the seats they have available at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. It is likely you will need to continue your further studies in another country due to the high competition in Denmark.