SU and SPS

Below, you can find information about the Danish students' Grants and Loans Scheme (SU). You can also read about support for Students with a Documented Handicap (SPS). 

SU (The Danish students' Grants and Loans Scheme)

If you want to receive SU while you are studying at Cphbusiness, you can apply for SU at “minSU” via the webpage You can access “minSU” by using your NemID.

Please note that you may only apply for SU one month before you wish to receive SU. For example, if you wish to apply for SU from September, you can apply for SU from the 1st of August at the earliest. If you get accepted to Cphbusiness, we recommend that you wait 2-3 weeks after your acceptance of your proposed study place.

If you are graduating from a qualifying AP degree in June and will continue your studies on a Top-up Bachelor's degree directly after the summer holiday, you may apply for SU for July and August. If you have graduated from your qualifying AP degree at an earlier time, you are not entitled to SU during the summer.

If you are entitled to SU during the summer, please remember that you have to apply for SU for your new degree (the Top-up degree) and not as an extension of your current degree. This application has to be made no later than the end of July.


When you receive SU, you are also eligible for an “Ungdomskort” (discount card for public transportation). If you wish to receive an "Ungdomskort", you must apply at

Application is made in two steps. First you apply for approval via When you receive the approval, you can purchase your "Ungdomskort". You have to use your NemID when applying for "Ungdomskort".

Before you can apply for SU and "Ungdomskort", you have to confirm and accept the proposed study place at Cphbusiness. The confirmation may take 2-3 weeks in order to be registered in the SU system. We therefore recommend that you wait 2-3 weeks after your acceptance of proposed study place, before you apply for SU. Otherwise, there is a risk that your application will be delayed in the process.


If you have any questions regarding SU or "Ungdomskort", please contact us via e-mail to with your question and contact information. The SU office will get back to you as soon as possible. Unfortunately, it is not possible to call the SU office.

SPS (Special-Pedagogic Programme)

If you have a handicap and are in need of support in order to complete your programme at Cphbusiness, you can apply for support from the Special-Pedagogic Programme (SPS).

You can apply for support via SPS if you suffer from dyslexia, a physical or psychological handicap, or have a hearing handicap or are visually impaired.

Support comes in the form of relevant soft- and hardware, mentoring sessions or similar. No monetary support is given. 

At Cphbusiness we give students with a documented handicap the possibility to apply for additional time for written exams and for some oral exams. You must apply for additional time no later than three weeks before your exam.

More Information

If you have questions regarding SPS, please contact the SPS-counsellors at Cphbusiness.

Christine Nolsø Hansen and Elena Jam Pedersen
Telephone: +45 36 15 49 90 
(only questions regarding SPS - not SU)

Cphbusiness Nørrebro
Blågårdsgade 23B
2200 Copenhagen N

Please note that the office is open on Mondays only.

Upload SPS application

You can upload your SPS-forms and documentation for your handicap here: