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Marketing is everywhere, and it is constantly changing.

Simon, student at the Marketing Management programme

Facts on the Marketing Management programme

2 years
AP Degree
Enrolment: Summer and Winter
Cphbusiness Søerne and Cphbusiness Lyngby

The study programme is based on applied science, providing a combination of economic, communicative and cultural subjects with emphasis on international marketing. The purpose of the programme is to qualify the students to implement the academic knowledge in practice in order to strengthen and develop companies’ trade and sales promotion nationally as well as internationally. 

A programme with good job opportunities and possibilities for further education

The teaching is based on group work where you will get the chance to interact with fellow students and teachers. At the 3rd semester you can study abroad – most often at one of our partner universities – or you can participate in projects in Denmark or abroad. At the 4th semester you will have an internship in a company either in Denmark or abroad.

As a student on the Marketing Management programme you have good job opportunities and possibilities for further education nationally and internationally. Furthermore, the programme also provides a good basis for starting up your own company. Graduates most often will be employed in the advertising, marketing, media, trade and shipping industries as a sales and marketing coordinator, marketing assistant or sales trainee.


  • Admission requirements

    Study start

    Summer: August

    Winter: February

    How to apply and application deadline

    All applications are made online. Complete your application at

    Find more information on the deadline for submitting your application here.

    General admission requirements for the AP programmes

    Denmark and Scandinavia:

    • An upper secondary school diploma.
    • A vocational diploma.

    The United States and countries with similar educational systems:

    • A high school diploma supplemented with at least three advanced placement tests or at least one year of university or college studies in relevant subjects.

    The UK and countries with similar educational systems:

    • GCE Advanced Level-exams (at least three A-levels in relevant subjects) in combination with GCSE-exams or in combination with GCE/AS-level exams

    African countries, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, the Philippines and countries with similar educational system:

    • An upper secondary school diploma supplemented with at least two years of university studies in relevant subjects.

    For all countries:

    • The International and the European Baccalaureate.

    Specific requirements and assesment

    Applicants must enclose the following documentation with their application to be considered for the AP Degree in Marketing Management:

    • Average grade from qualifying exam
    • Grade(s) in English on level B or similar
    • Grade(s) in mathematics or business economics on level B or similar
    • Motivated application letter
    • Relevant work experience, including military service (max. 12 months)
    • Relevant supplementary education and/or courses
    • Other experience, e.g. folk high school, extended stays abroad, voluntary work (min. 3 months)

    English requirements - AP degree programmes

    All candidates must submit results of an English test, with the required minimum score and under the scope of the Common European Framework for Languages (CEFR) B2 Level.

    • TOEFL Internet Based Test (iBT): Minimum score accepted: 83
    • IELTS Academic Test: Minimum score accepted: 6.5
    • Cambridge English Advanced (CAE): Minimum score accepted: Grade C
    • Cambridge English Proficiency (CEP): Minimum score accepted: Grade C1
    • Cambridge First Certificate (FCE): Minimum score accepted: Grade A
    • Danish students: Minimum score accepted: English Level B

    Exemption from submitting an English test

    Applicants holding an English taught qualifying exam (upper secondary school) or bachelor degree from UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. Please note that applicants with a qualifying examination from all other countries (including African and Asian countries, where the language of instruction is English) must submit a test.

    Applicants holding a Nordic, International Baccalaureate (from the IB diploma programme) and European Baccalaureate (from Schola Europaea) qualifying exam are also excempt.

    Quota 2-intake

    Marketing Management: 35 %

    The assessment of quota 2-applications is based on the following criteria:

    • Motivated application letter
    • Average grade from qualifying exam
    • Grade(s) in English on level B or similar
    • Grade in mathematics or business economics on level B or similar
    • Relevant work experience, including military service (max. 12 months)
    • Relevant supplementary education and/or courses
    • Other experience, e.g. folk high school, extended stays abroad, voluntary work (min. 3 months)

    Please note: the quota 2-intake only applies for Danish applicants.

  • Content and structure

    The AP degree in Marketing Management is a two year study programme consisting of four semesters.

    The first three semesters are based on variated and practice oriented teaching, such as project work, case work and presentations which will be based in Danish and foreign companies. With a practice oriented view, you will get an insight in how the progamme is relevant in the job market.  The last semester will also include the final exam project.

    The 4th semester is an internship semester, where you have the chance to use the qualifications that you have gained though the programme. At this semester you will have to write a final exam project which typically is based on a specific assignment for a company. You can write the final exam project alone or together with one or two fellow students.

    During the programme you have the opportunity to go abroad in the 3rd and/or 4th semester.

    On each semester you will have one or several subjects which will connect the courses together.

    Read more about the semesters and the overall themes

  • Further education and job opportunities

    Opportunity for further education

    With an AP degree in Marketing Management, you can apply for the following Top-up Bachelor degrees:

    There may also be other opportunities for further study, in Denmark and abroad. If you would like to know more about your opportunities for further study, please contact the Student Counselling.

    If you wish to continue your studies abroad, this is also a possibility.

    The AP degree in Marketing Management gives you access to bachelor degrees at different universities abroad. To get a Bachelor's degree abroad you will normally have to study for 12-18 months after graduating from a two-year AP degree programme at Cphbusiness.

    Be aware of the fact that you have to contact the different universities yourself in order to receive information concerning their admission requirements.

    Job opportunities

    With an AP degree in Marketing Management you could be employeed in one of the following areas:

    • Marketing coordinator
    • Sales-, export- or marketingassistent
    • Purchasing agent
    • Sales consultant
    • Information officer
    • Sales trainee

    The programme is suitable if you would like to work in companies or organisations in which growth and innovation is necessary in order to develop new products/concepts and penetrate new markets.

    Do you want to be an entrepreneur? Then this programme will give you the tools and competences to start up your own company.


    Tuition fee

    In most cases there will be a tuition fee in connection with a top-up for a Bachelor's or a Master's degree programme abroad. The amounts will vary a great deal depending on location, facilities, length of the study programme etc. Universities normally have extensive information on their websites regarding the payment of tuition fee (in connection with enrolment details).

    Study grant (SU)

    If you are entitled to a study grant (the Danish SU), you must apply to SU-styrelsen (The Danish Agency for Higher Education and Educational Support) if you want to receive a grant while studying abroad.


    If you are entitled to a study grant (the Danish SU) you will be able to apply for the grant “Udlandsstipendium” to cover (part of) the tuition fee for a Master's degree abroad.
    This grant is NOT available for students following a Top-up Bachelor's degree programme.

    For detailed information you should visit the SU website.


    Many grants and funds are available if you spend sufficient time and energy on localizing the right ones and apply for them in due time. It is advisable to prepare a well-structured budget, always adhere to deadlines and submit all requested material with the application.

    Job opportunities

    Due to the practical aspect of your education at Cphbusiness, you will know how to work efficiently in a company from the very first day at your job. During your studies you will complete an internship and work on a final exam project in close cooperation with a company. This will often lead directly to your first job.

    After graduation there are very good prospects for getting a job. The employment rate among Marketing Management graduates from Cphbusiness is high, and we can see many well-paid and promising careeers among our former students.

    Your first position as a Marketing Management graduate will as rule, be either:

    • Account Manager
    • Marketing Assistant
    • Marketing Coordinator
    • Sales Assistant
    • Purchasing Assistant

    Further information

    Contact the International Office of your department for details on partner universities abroad that may offer attractive Top-up Bachelor's or Master's degree programmes abroad.

    Useful links

  • Learning environment and study activities

    At Cphbusiness, we see it as our most important task to contribute to your development so that you can help create the future business life.

    Thus, Cphbusiness’ study activities aim to develop your academic and personal skills, in order to let you navigate in an organisation and create value at a work place or start and run your own company.

    Study activities

    We believe that you learn best by working with specific tasks in practice. Therefore, our student activities are less focused on traditional teaching and to a greater extent built around activities where you play an active role yourself. You will have co-responsibility for and influence on your own learning, and feedback will be an important part of the study activities.

    Besides traditional teaching, the study activities will include project work, cases and assignment work, where you through cooperation and dialogue solve specific tasks along with your fellow students and with your lecturers as counsellors. Furthermore, you will be challenged in digital study activities.

    At Cphbusiness, all of the study programmes are scheduled as a full-time course of study. However, we try to create an environment where you can study full-time and also work at a part-time job. We do this in order to help you strengthen your business skills. As a result of this, you typically have two half days or one whole day off every week, which you can use on your part-time job, together with your study group or on your own preparation.

    Education with a world of opportunities

    At Cphbusiness, we offer you the opportunity to build and unfold your global, intercultural and linguistic skills through study activities, where you cooperate with students from all over the world. As a natural part of the study programme, the teaching activities including books and cases etc. will be in English.

    In every study programme, an obligatory internship is included where you can test your own skills in a company abroad or in an international company in Denmark. In doing so, you will prepare yourself for the global job market that waits for you when you graduate.

    What we expect of you as a student

    Active participation in the study activities at Cphbusiness will, to a great extent, help you feel better equipped for your future job. Therefore, we expect that you:

    • participate in study activities with lecturers, in study groups and on an individual level;
    • participate in a mix of study activities (for example project work, workshops, digital learning activities and traditional teaching);
    • want to learn in groups along with your fellow students with a diverse background;
    • work full time with your studies – this means around 40 hours weekly besides a potential part-time job; and
    • want to be challenged in your international and linguistic skills.

    You should expect to place your part-time job in the evenings and weekends.

  • Internship

    The purpose of the internship is to give the student the opportunity of testing in practice his/her learning skills from the first semesters by working in a company in a relevant profession on a job-like basis.

    The companies are expected to contribute with best practice experience. During the internship, the student has a supervisor from the programme as well as a contact person in the company.

    The student and the guidance teacher together set goals for the student’s learning during the internship period, which will subsequently be normative for organizing the student’s job function.

    The internship period is concluded with an exam in which the guidance teacher evaluates the student’s learning from the internship against the initial goals.

    You may compare the internship to a full time job with the same demands to working hours, effort, commitment, and flexibility, which the student is likely to meet in his/her first job.

  • Facts


    AP degree in Marketing Management


    Cphbusiness Søerne
    Nansensgade 19
    1366 København K

    Cphbusiness Lyngby
    Nørgaardsvej 30
    2800 Kgs. Lyngby


    Two years.

    This is a full time study programme.

    ECTS points


    Examples on topics

    • International marketing
    • Economics
    • Organisation and supply chain management
    • Market communication
    • Business law


    • 1st-3rd semester: Classroom teaching, projects, individual guidance, guest lecturers
    • 4th semester: Internship and final exam project
  • Examinations and tests

    Examinations (number and form) depend on the individual programme. You can find detailed information about a specific semester examination in the exam catalogue of the specific educational programme.

    Compulsory assignments

    Throughout the semester you are continuously assessed by your lecturers. You must pass the required number of compulsory assignments in order to continue your studies.

    Semester exams

    At the end of each semester you are required to sit examinations. Most exams are interdisciplinary which means that they cover several subjects or themes. You must pass your semester exam(s) in order to enroll for next semester´s exams.

    An examination can have many forms: it can be based on a project, a case, a report or a portfolio which can be made on an individual basis or by a group of students. Often you will have to make a presentation for a group of students and/or an internal lecturer and sometimes for an external evaluator.

    Oral exams may also be based on an individual dialogue between you and a lecturer.

    Your exam may also have the form of a written exam. It can be a short multiple choice exam or a written exam lasting up to six hours.

    Internal/external examiners

    Some examinations are external some are internal. External tests are defined as tests which are assessed by internal and external examiners appointed by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation. The external examiners are responsible for assuring the same standard for all examinations and thus their quality.

    Grading scale

    The grading system used in all state-regulated educations as from August/September 2007 is the 7-point grading scale. The grading scale is compatible with the ECTS grading scale. 02 is the minimum grade for passing an exam.

    Apart from the 7-point grading scale, pass/fail assessments may also be used.

    Learn more about the Danish grading system.

    Cheating in examinations

    Cheating in examinations is an offence which Cphbusiness looks upon with the utmost severity. At the beginning of your classes you will be thoroughly introduced to our definition of “cheating in examinations” and to the severe consequences of such a behavior.

    Examination regulations

  • Student counselling

    Cphbusiness Søerne

    Nansensgade 19, 1366 København K
    Opening hours: Monday - Thursday 9.00-14.00.
    Telephone hours: Monday - Thursday 9.00 - 12.00


    Guidance counsellors

      Dorrit Høybye Jensen, telephone: (+45) 36 15 45 13

      Janus Kloppenborg, telephone: (+45) 36 15 48 44

    Cphbusiness Lyngby

    Nørgaardsvej 30, Denmark - 2800 Kgs. Lyngby
    Opening hours: Monday - Thursday 9.00-14.00.
    Telephone hours: Monday - Thursday 9.00 - 12.00


    Guidance councellors

      Marie Louise Armgaard, telephone: (+45) 36 15 45 14

  • Curriculum



    * Please note that the description of the examination in the final examination project listed in the curriculum is a guideline. Examination formats are described in the catalogue of examinations and other tests for the study programme.

    ** The examination rules described in this curriculum no longer apply.

    Examination regulations

  • Tuition fees

    You can find information about who has to pay a tuition fee and how much here: Tuition Fees.