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The International Hospitality Management programme starts both in summer and winter. Follow the application guide to find all the information you need on how to apply for admission.

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If you have not been admitted into a degree programme, you can find vacant places and read more here:

Business Operations, Hospitality and Strategy development

As a Bachelor in International Hospitality Management, you will typically work with operations management and strategic development of organizations and employees in the service industry. The skills you have achieved will enable you to handle complex tasks in a various range of companies working with service, experience and hospitality. For example, you can get a management job at a hotel, restaurant, travel agency, event agency, congress agency, in a tourism organization or airline.

The programme is a 1½-year addition (top-up) to the AP Degrees in Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Marketing Management or equivalent degrees.

Facts about the International Hospitality Management programme

1 ½ years
Top-Up Bachelor's Degree
Enrollment: Summer
Next study start: 31 August 2021
Cphbusiness Nørrebro
Application deadlines: 15 March at 12 noon (non-EU-citizens) and 3 June at 12 noon (EU-citizens)
  • Admission requirements

    Study start

    • Summer admission with study start in August/September at Cphbusiness Nørrebro.

    Admission requirements

    Graduates from the AP Degree in Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management and the AP Degree in Marketing Management satisfy the admission requirements for the BA in International Hospitality Management. Graduates from similar programmes with a similar number of ECTS in business economics, organization and management, culture, and strategy may also apply.

    English requirements

    All applicants must submit documentation to prove their competences in English.

    One of the following English tests is required:

    • TOEFL internet-based test; minimum score required 83.
    • IELTS academic test; minimum score required 6,5.
    • Cambridge English Advanced; minimum score required grade C.
    • Cambridge English Proficiency; minimum score required grade C1.
    • Cambridge First Certificate; minimum score required grade A
    • Danish level A or B in English with a weighted average grade of minimum 02 (no rounding up); in 2020 the weighted average grade for English level B must be at least 3,0 (no rounding up).

    Test results should be recent.

    Exemption from English requirements

    Applicants holding AP degrees taught wholly in English from Danish educational institutions are exempt from submitting documentation to prove their competences in English.


    Information about how to submit an application and application deadlines are available here.


    When assessing applications, the following factors are considered:

    • Average grade from the qualifying exam - this is an important element
    • Motivated application letter
    • Relevant work experience, including military service (max. 12 months)
    • Relevant supplementary education and/or courses
    • Other activities, e.g. folk high school, extended stays abroad, voluntary work (min. three months)

    As concerns work experience and other activities, we only consider employment and activities that the applicant has participated in after having been admitted to the qualifying AP degree.

    If there are more applicants than places available, the best qualified applicants will be selected for admission.

  • Content and structure

    The Bachelor in International Hospitality Management is a 1½ year addition to the AP Degrees Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management or Marketing Management, or similar courses on the AP Degree Level. The degree is divided into three semesters (90 ECTS).
    The first two semesters are based on both theory and practice and include project work, guest lectures, etc. The third semester consists of an internship and the final bachelor project.

    Lessons will be in both Danish and English, in order to strengthen your language and intercultural skills.

    During your studies, you have the opportunity to study abroad during your second semester.

    Read more about the semesters

  • Further education and career opportunities

    There are several opportunities to pursue further studies, once you have completed your Bachelor's Degree, both in Denmark and abroad. If you would like to know more about your opportunities for further study, please contact the student counselling.

    As a graduate you can apply for a large variety of jobs. You can find some examples below:

    • Conference manager
    • Business developer (Tourism, Hospitality)
    • Guest relation manager
    • Hotel manager
    • Revenue manager
    • Yield manager
    • Restaurant manager
    • HR manager
    • Reception manager
    • Booking manager
  • Learning environment and study activities

    At Cphbusiness, we see it as our most important task to contribute to your development so that you can help create the future business life.

    Thus, Cphbusiness’ study activities aim to develop your academic and personal skills, in order to let you navigate in an organisation and create value at a work place or start and run your own company.

    Study activities

    We believe that you learn best by working with specific tasks in practice. Therefore, our student activities are less focused on traditional teaching and to a greater extent built around activities where you play an active role yourself. You will have co-responsibility for and influence on your own learning, and feedback will be an important part of the study activities.

    Besides traditional teaching, the study activities will include project work, cases and assignment work, where you through cooperation and dialogue solve specific tasks along with your fellow students and with your lecturers as counsellors. Furthermore, you will be challenged in digital study activities.

    At Cphbusiness, all of the study programmes are scheduled as a full-time course of study. However, we try to create an environment where you can study full-time and also work at a part-time job. We do this in order to help you strengthen your business skills. As a result of this, you typically have two half days or one whole day off every week, which you can use on your part-time job, together with your study group or on your own preparation.

    Education with a world of opportunities

    At Cphbusiness, we offer you the opportunity to build and unfold your global, intercultural and linguistic skills through study activities, where you cooperate with students from all over the world. As a natural part of the study programme, the teaching activities including books and cases etc. will be in English.

    In every study programme, an obligatory internship is included where you can test your own skills in a company abroad or in an international company in Denmark. In doing so, you will prepare yourself for the global job market that waits for you when you graduate.

    What we expect of you as a student

    Active participation in the study activities at Cphbusiness will, to a great extent, help you feel better equipped for your future job. Therefore, we expect that you:

    • participate in study activities with lecturers, in study groups and on an individual level;
    • participate in a mix of study activities (for example project work, workshops, digital learning activities and traditional teaching);
    • want to learn in groups along with your fellow students with a diverse background;
    • work full time with your studies – this means around 40 hours weekly besides a potential part-time job; and
    • want to be challenged in your international and linguistic skills.

    You should expect to place your part-time job in the evenings and weekends.

  • Internship in Danmark

    As part of your programme, you will do a 13 week internship during your 2nd semester. You are responsible for choosing which company or organization, you wish to do an internship with. All students will be assigned an internship counsellor.

    Internship in Denmark

    There are several opportunities to do an internship in Denmark. Some of our students have done internships with for example AC Hotel Bella Sky, Kilroy Travels, Dong Energy and 2gocopenhagen. You therefore have the opportunity to test theories from class with interesting companies, where you will meet new challenges and gain new insights, regardless if you want to focus on service management, hotel and restaurant management, or tourism management.

    How to find an internship in denmark

    There are many ways to find an internship in Denmark. We recommend that you first and foremost use your network, such as your teachers, possibly former managers or co-workers, to find an interesting internship.

    We recommend that you use the following tools to find an internship:

    • Your network
    • Social media (especially LinkedIn and Facebook)
    • Your teachers and internship counsellor

    Student profile

    Pia Anna Kierullf did her internship as event maker with DOX:BIO, a film club, promoting documentaries in Denmark.

    Pia Anna had several different tasks, but primarily worked with marketing – ”but I also the cinemas with fundraising. The budgets are pretty small and the challenge is getting sponsors to participate without giving them anything but the marketing. In other words, I have to create a win-win-situation. 

    Event planning is also a big part the job. ”For example, I got some local producers to sponsor screenings with free samples of beer. I also have to deal with technical issues regarding the screenings and webcasts." 

    Read more about Pia Ann’s internship with DOX:BIO.

    Purpose of internship

    The purpose of the internship is to give you the opportunity of applying the theory from class in practice. Your place of internship is expected to contribute with best practice experience that should support your learning goals. During the internship, you are assigned an intern supervisor from Cphbusiness, as well as a contact person in the company.

    Together, you, the company and your intern supervisor define a project that will be the framework for your internship. The project must occupy at least 1/3 of your working hours in the company and must be a practical project related to the company's work. During the internship, you must analyze the problem of the project and find solutions, implement them and evaluate them.

  • Internship and study abroad

    As part of your programme, you will do a 13 week internship during your 2nd semester. You are responsible for choosing which company or organization you wish to do an internship with. All students will be assigned an internship counsellor.

    Internship abroad

    An internship abroad is an opportunity for both professional and personal development. You will have the opportunity to apply your theory from classes in an international context, while gaining international work experience.

    How to find an internship abroad

    There are several ways to find an internship abroad. We recommend that you first and foremost use your network, such as your teachers, possibly former managers or co-workers, to find an interesting internship.

    We recommend that you use the following tools to find an internship:

    Company profile

    Many of our students do internships abroad every year. Our students have been to, among others, Thailand, Kenya and the Faroe Islands.

    Some of our students have done internships with Go Pro Diving in the Cayman Islands in the carribean. Go Pro Diving is an independent diving company, specializing in continuing development courses for diver instructors and sailors, since 2012. Go Pro Diving offers internships, focussing on service management management.

    Purpose of internship

    The purpose of the internship is to give you the opportunity of applying the theory from class in practice. Your place of internship is expected to contribute with best practice experience that should support your learning goals. During the internship, you are assigned an intern supervisor from Cphbusiness, as well as a contact person in the company.

    Together, you and your intern supervisor agree on the learning goals for your internship. The agreed upon learning goal will determine your role and job function.

    The internship period is concluded with an evaluation meeting, in which the guidance teacher compares your learning from the internship with the initial goals. The internship should be seen as a full-time job.

    Study abroad

    Cphbusiness has several exchange agreements with other European and international educational institutions, regarding exchange stays and study abroad.

    Contact Cphbusiness Study and Career Guidance to learn more about your possibilities for studying abroad.

    Student profile

    Rasmus Hansen did an exchange stay in South Korea. Alexander, Patrick and Tore went on an exchange stay in the US. Karl Emil and Jonas also went to the US. See their videos and learn more about life as an exchange student abroad, the work load and how it differs from here in Denmark, and what else you get out of an exchange stay through Cphbusiness.


  • Facts


    Top-up Bachelor's degree in International Hospitality Management.


    Cphbusiness Nørrebro
    Blågårdsgade 23B
    2200 København N

    ECTS points



    Top-up Bachelor's degree is a full-time 1½ year degree.

    Lessons pr. week

    Examples of classes:

    • Financial analysis
    • Emotional intelligence
    • Philosophy of Science
    • CVP analysis
    • Motivation in teams


    During 2nd semester students choose between different electives.


    1.-2. semester: Lessons, project work, guest lectures etc.
    3. semester: Internship and bachelor project

  • Examination and tests

    Every subject in the International Hospitality Management Programme concludes with an exam with external or internal grading. Some courses include additional obligatory learning activitties. The purpose of obligatory learning activities is to document student activity.

    Bachelor project

    The programme is concluded with a written bachelor project, which entails an in-depth analysis of chosen topic. The project is further elaborated at an oral exam lasting for 45 minutes. The 7-point grading scale awards an overall assessment of both the written and the oral part of the bachelor project. An external examiner participates in the exam.

    Students are encouraged to write the bachelor project in corporation with one or two other students.

    All previous exams and learning activities must be passed before the student can hand in and present his/her bachelor project.

    Grading scale

    The grading system used in all state-regulated educations as from August/September 2007 is the 7-point grading scale. The grading scale is compatible with the ECTS grading scale. 02 is the minimum grade for passing an exam.

    Apart from the 7-point grading scale, pass/fail assessments may also be used.

    Learn more about the Danish grading system.

    Cheating in examinations

    Cheating in examinations is an offence Cphbusiness looks upon with the utmost severity. At the beginning of your classes, you will be thoroughly introduced to our definition of cheating in examinations and to the severe consequences of such behavior.

    Examination regulations

    Read the examination regulations.

  • Student counselling

    Cphbusiness Nørrebro

    Blågårdsgade 23B, 2300 København N

    Opening hours: Monday - Thursday 10.00 - 14.00.
    Telephone hours: Monday - Thursday 9.00 - 12.00


    Phone: (+45) 36 15 45 15

    Guidance counsellor

    Christine Nolsø Hansen

    Charlotte Ibsen

  • Curriculum

    In the curriculum you can read more on the rules and regulations in your programme, such as the purpose of the programme, admissions requirements, axams, etc. Choose your curriculum guide below, according to which year you start you programme.


    Examination regulations

  • Previous curriculums
  • Tuition fees

    You can find information about who has to pay a tuition fee and how much here: Tuition Fees.