About Cphbusiness

Copenhagen Business Academy is Denmark’s largest business academy and consists of five campuses in Greater Copenhagen and Northern Zealand. Copenhagen Business Academy offers professional higher education programmes in which theory and practical skills always go together, and where the subjects taught can be seen in their proper perspective.

Our history extends back for more than a hundred years. Not in terms of the same educational programmes, but in terms of our focus on giving students the competences that are in demand in the world of business.

Our goal

Our goal is to develop the best education for our national and international students by offering professional higher education programmes characterised by diversity and flexibility.

In particular, we expect you to be committed not only to your studies, but also to the activities arranged by the Student Council, ranging from the study environment to sports, parties, etc.

It is also of great importance that you are not just any other student. This is why we work in teams and use group instruction, so that the lecturer and the student are never far apart.