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We offer graduates of Cphbusiness inspiration and concrete tools for career, skills and personal development through the alumni network Cphbusiness Alumni.

Cphbusiness Alumni is a professional network for Cphbusiness alumni (former students) and students. The purpose of the network is to strengthen your career development after your studies at Cphbusiness through academic activities and valuable knowledge.

We offer you knowledge about the transition from student to employee, the possibility to broaden your professional network and tools to take the first (or next) step in your career.

As a part of the network, you can make use of all the offers and benefits, we offer. It is free and non-binding to be part of the network.

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You can make a difference

As an alumni you also have the opportunity to make a big difference for the current students at Cphbusiness through the alumni network.

Read below how you can make a difference and which benefits you get as part of the network.

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  • Benefits

    Being part of the Cphbusiness Alumni network comes with several benefits, such as:

    • Articles, tips, inspiration and tools for your career development and your own personal development. You receive all of this directly in your inbox via the Cphbusiness Alumni newsletter.
    • Invitations for professional events directly in your inbox. The events focus on your career development, personal development and/or skills development.
    • Free access to the events held by Cphbusiness Alumni. Please be aware that there may be a no-show-fee for some events.
    • Occasionally, we can offer you exclusive seats for closed events held by Cphbusiness or external business partners.
    • The opportunity to network face-to-face with other Cphbusiness alumni and students at the alumni events.
    • The opportunity to network online with other Cphbusiness alumni and students via the alumni social media, e.g. the LinkedIn group for alumni.
    • Access to develop the alumni network by joining the network’s Advisory Board. Read more about the Advisory Board.
    • Easy access to share job postings and search for interns. Read more here (in Danish).

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    Join the network and get all the benefits by subscribing to the Cphbusiness Alumni newsletter, then we will make sure that all invitations and offers land safely in your inbox.”

  • Join the network

    All alumni and students at Cphbusiness can join the Cphbusiness Alumni network. As part of the network, you can enjoy several benefits and join our events.

    It is free of charge and non-binding to be a part of the network, and it is up to you how much you want to engage and participate. But it is no secret that the more you give, the more you get.

    As a part of the network you will receive the alumni newsletter, which you can easily unsubscribe.

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    You join the network by subscribing to the Cphbusiness Alumni newsletter. We will then make sure that all invitations and offers land safely in your inbox.

    If you no longer wish to be a part of the alumni network, you can easily sign out. Just unsubscribe to the alumni newsletter or send an email to alumni@cphbusiness.dk. You can always sign up again by writing to alumni@cphbusiness.dk or subscribing to the newsletter.

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    You can keep up to date on events and news here on this site, through the newsletters or via the social media.


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  • Events and activities

    As a member of Cphbusiness Alumni you will receive invitations to special events and activities that focus on your career, skills and personal development.

    Upcoming events and activities:

    • No upcoming dates.
  • Previous events and activities
  • Make a difference

    As an alumni you can make a big difference for the current students at Cphbusiness. With your experience and knowledge you can contribute to the development of the study programmes and the study environment at Cphbusiness.

    How can you make a difference:

    • Become a mentor for a student
    • Share your knowledge during the intro week for new students
    • Be an ambassador for your education at the Open House events
    • Join educational fairs and share your study and job experiences
    • Share available jobs in your company
    • Search for student assistants and interns
    • Search students who can write their thesis for your company

    Contact us via alumni@cphbusiness.dk if you want to make a difference.

  • Job portals

    As a Cphbusiness graduate you get free access to the job portals Cphbusiness Career and hosco.

    Cphbusiness Career

    At Cphbusiness Career you will meet the companies specifically looking for Cphbusiness alumni. You can find full-time and part-time jobs and graduate programmes. Sign up for free and get access to all vacant positions.

    Cphbusiness Career is developed together with Graduateland

    Visit Cphbusiness Career now


    hosco gives you access to thousands of companies in the hospitality industry looking to hire talents from Cphbusiness and furthermore gives you access to tools to improve your professional profile and expand your network.

    Sign up for free now, create a detailed profile and gain access to more than 32.000 available jobs and internship

    Visit hosco now

    Nordic Jobsolution

    Can you see yourself working in Norway, Denmark or Sweden? Then Nordic Jobsolution is the way forward.

    Nordic Jobsolution is a 3 year EU-project, aiming to expand your job market to include workplaces across the Øresund region and in Norway. With Nordic Jobsolution it is possible to get help finding your dream job, for example through free coaching sessions. And, should your dream job be located in Norway or Sweden, you can apply for assistance to cover moving expenses, etc.

    You can find both full-time positions and part-time positions through Nordic Jobsolution. Create your free profile today and get access to all the help and opportunities, offered by Nordic Jobsolution.

    Visit Nordic Jobsolution now

  • For job seekers

    Inspiration, tips and tools for your job search:

    • Avoid the pressure of having to make the “right” choice.
    • The best advice before completing your studies. Get the five advice here.
    • 10 tips – job search. Get 10 tips on how to improve your job search here.
    • Results from our employment surveys. See which jobs recent Cphbusiness graduates have and learn about how they got them here.
    • Create a professional resume. Learn more about how Novorésumé’s online resume builder can help you with your job search here
    • Write yourself to the job interview. Get advice on how to improve your chances of getting invited for a job interview here.
    • Do’s & don’ts in your job search. Learn more about how to optimize your job search here
    • Collaboration with the recruitment company Academic Work. Read more about the collaboration here.
  • For those employed

    Inspiration, tips and tools for your career – whether you have been in the same job for 20 years or are about to start your first job:

    • New on the job? Get the 6 most important advice for when you are new on the job here.
    • Which career type are you? Learn more about which career type you are here.
    • Share your skills. Learn more about reverse mentoring and how it can influence your career here.
    • Make Friday your Failure Day. Read about how to stay innovative and relevant to the labour market here.
    • Strengthen the value of your projects with SCRUM. Learn more about SCRUM here.
    • Artificial intelligence (AI). Learn more about AI here.
    • The fight for your attention. Learn more about how you can take control over who and what you focus your attention on here.
    • Career counselling – Sales and Marketing. Free career counselling for alumni with a degree in Sales and Marketing – Read more here.
    • Digital hesitation is a career-killer. Learn more about how you become a "digital winner" here.
    • Are we facing a lack of leaders in the coming years? Read about how to help young leaders here.
  • Career stories

    Here you can read stories and interviews with alumni telling about their time and career path after studying at Cphbusiness.

    Bachelor's degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

    Suzana Barboza

    Bachelor's degree in International Hospitality Management

    Christian Kronborg og Vivien Vadkerti

    Diploma Programme in Management 

    Hanne Rudolph

    Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management

    Trine Simling

    Bachelor's degree in Software Development

    Mads Hansen

    Commerce Management

    Heino Johansen

    Bachelor's degree in Financial Management and Services

    Franciska Nimskov

    Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management and bachelor's degree in International Sales and Marketing

    Stine Lund Johansen

    Bachelor's degree in International Sales and Marketing

    Cristina Chiper
    Mikkel Risgaard
    Søren Pagh von Wowern
    Mark Schiøtte
    Christina Dalby Israelsen
    Valdemar Brandborg

    Computer Science and bachelor's degree in Software Development

    Timea Kiss

    Marketing Management

    Pernille West
    Tarek Slimani
    Arkim Ilaz og Corina Toudut

    Multimedia Design and Communication


    Environmental Technology

    Sofie Buch

    Are you a former student of Cphbusiness, then we would also like to share your personal story. Your story adds value and inspiration to both students, other alumni and the staff at Cphbusiness. Please contact us at alumni@cphbusiness.dk.

  • Behind Cphbusiness Alumni

    Cphbusiness Alumni is a part of Cphbusiness (in the department Study and Career) and is continuously developed by the alumni team in collaboration with alumni, staff and students from Cphbusiness.

    Advisory Board

    It is important for Cphbusiness Alumni to offer relevant events and benefits; therefore we have established an Advisory Board, which consists of alumni and students from Cphbusiness. 

    The purpose of the Advisory Board is to spar about events and benefits and develop the alumni network and its communication platforms.

    The Advisory Board meets two to four times annually.

    As alumni or a student you can join the online Advisory Board group on Facebook and contribute with your ideas and feedback or you can become an Advisory Board member that participates in the meetings.

    Do you want to join the Advisory Board, please write to alumni@cphbusiness.dk

  • Contact

    You are always welcome to contact Cphbusiness Alumni. We are ready to help with enquiries, questions, etc. We also welcome inspiration and ideas.

    Cphbusiness Alumni
    Nansensgade 19
    DK-1366 København K 

    Telephone: +45 36 15 45 00