Opening of Cphbusiness City

On Thursday 20 September 2012 the Danish Minister of Education Morten Østergaard cut the ribbon at the opening of Cphbusiness City.

20 September 2012

The new premises on Landemærket 11 acts as both the academy's new city campus, and the new main office of Cphbusiness.

Expand the boundaries for education 

- In old times the term "Landemærke" marked the boundary between settled and unsettled areas. This makes it a perfect address for an educational institution, and I hope that you will challenge the boundaries of today - the boundaries for cooperation between education and the business community. You must attract students across national borders, and expand the boundaries for how many Danes obtaining an education, said Morten Østergaard.

- The government wishes for more education as well as an increase in the quality of these. This is why the correlation between theory and practice is so important. Here at Cphbusiness the practice oriented education is key, and I am certain that this explains the new student's ever growing interest in your education programmes, the Minister continued and ended with an invitation:

- Expand the boundaries for education, and you will contribute to the evolvement of the most skilled generation to date.

The central part of the business acedemies 

- 6000 students can't be wrong, said Professor Bent Greve, the chairman of the board of Cphbusiness.

- The business academies plays a central part in the fact that more young people obtain a qualifying education, and manoeuvres in an educational system with many possibilities for further education. The combination of an education with direct access to the job market, and the opportunity to take further education at a later time, is the strength of this system, states Bent Greve.

Location, location, location!

The President of Cphbusiness Ole Gram-Olesen described the new campus and main office in this way:

"It's the same for educational institutions as it is for private real estate - three issues count: location, location, location! Cphbusiness is located a three-minute-walk from Nørreport Station, a stone's throw from Kongens Have and in the middle of the vibrant city centre of Copenhagen".

During the day approx. 1.000 students occupy the 5000 m2 in the premises at Landemærket.