Kick-off in the incubator on Cphbusiness Nørrebro

The Incubator on the 5th floor of Cphbusiness Nørrebro was packed, when the new businesses were presented on Thursday 11 October 2012.

17 October 2012

The entrepreneurs behind the new businesses are students at Cphbusiness Nørrebro, are all carefully selected to a place in the Incubator, where three teachers support and guide their work.

At the kick-off event the audience got an overview of the businesses potential as the creators presented their ventures. After the presentations the participants had ample opportunity to mingle and learn about the great ideas that fills the Incubator.

Ambitious settings 

The Incubator isn't just an office space, but a place where young entrepreneurs can utilise each other and the teachers, which are:

Former marketing director and entrepreneur Henrik Friis
Attorney and business law teacher Trine Schaldemose
Actor, coach and M. A. in theatre, management and innovation Anne Gerd Sindballe

The business in the incubator 

You can learn more about the businesses in the Incubator here.

  • Nordic Race

    Nordic Race is a 6,5 km obstacle race at Amager Fælled, where 600 people for the first time in 2012 gave everything they had in them.

    Jonas Elming is the man behind the event. He is a former soldier and missed challenging races in Denmark, so he started one himself.

    Visit their website here:

  • ReeAct

    ReeAct is more than a producer and merchant of sporting goods - ReeAct is a business that with a modern mind-set becomes more than just a brand of clothes.

    The founders of ReeAct are the two elite badminton players Kristian Midtgaard and Thomas Fynbo.

    Visit their websites: og

  • Splinx

    Splinx is an iPhone app that gives you the opportunity to find and arrange sport events - even with people you don't know. Splinx brings people with shared interests together and makes it easy for you to find a place in the city where you can play your sport.

    Visit their website here and get the app here:


    PARK4ME is an app that eliminates some of the problems with parking fees.

    PARK4ME uses the GPS, data connection and interface of smartphones to make payed parking easier and more flexible.

    For example with PARK4ME there's no more hurrying back to your car to buy a new parking fee before the other expires.

  • Business – SmarD

    Business - SmarD gives smaller businesses the opportunity to use the many possibilities in apps without it costing a fortune. Business - SmarD creates apps that are payable and at the same time gives the customers a professional platform with a great deal of functions.

    Visit their website here:

  • E Nummer

    "E number will never again be just a number". This is the objective behind the app, which helps you learn about the food you and your loved ones consume.

    Visit their Facebook site and get the Android app here:

  • Awork

    Awork is a web agency that produces websites, webshops, search engine optimisation and much more. "We build brands" is the general idea and they are not afraid to call themselves the best web agency in the world. Awork already has a solid client portfolio and is for example behind the website

    Visit their website here:

  • DallSolution

    DallSolution is simply the world's thinnest wall bracket for flat screen TVs. The bracket is only 8 millimetres thick and delivers a completely different experience than regular brackets.

    Visit their website here:

  • Style by silhouette

    Style by silhouette will be a website where women can be dressed by their individual silhouette. The website will guide women to choose the clothing that makes a woman, a woman.

  • Central Asia Tours

    Who doesn't dream of travelling the Silk Road to cultural greatness and fantastic nature? Central Asia Tours arranges tailor-made trips to Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.

    The founder originates from this region and promises travellers unique experiences with the local population.

    Visit their website here: