24 hour bootcamp

For 24 hours assignments rained down on 1st semester students on Marketing Management at Cphbusiness Lyngby.

17 December 2012

At 8 a.m. on Thursday 29 November, a 24-hour boot camp was launched and the students were charged with the task of creating many different products and marketing solutions for the case company Royal Unibrew.

During the 24 hours they for instance had to create an event and a commercial for a product, to name a few.

New tasks and challenges 

Each assignment had to be finished and completed within an hour and handed in, before getting a new assignment, so the pressure was on. 

They had no idea what task came next, so the day and night brought many different challenges.

During the boot camp other challenges emerged. The students were put in small groups in their classes and then teamed up with groups from other classes. This presented a challenge in the group effort, in the sense of meeting new people and not knowing their strengths or weaknesses.

Despite the vast number of tasks and the different challenges, the experience of the 24-hour boot camp was a positive one, and was according to the tired students both creatively challenging and exciting.