Travel Expo 2013 - a great succes

Over 300 guests visited Travel Expo 2013 arranged by first year students at Cphbusiness Valby.

22 September 2013

On Thursday 19 September 2013, first year students at Cphbusiness Valby hosted Travel Expo 2013. More than 300 guests could “visit” countries from around the world, and experience everything from giant camels, palm trees and sensual rhythms to musk oxen and the icebergs of Greenland.

Six Danish classes and two international classes represented Morocco, Cuba, France, Spain, California, South Africa, Greenland and Brazil.

The students were charged to plan and host the Travel Expo 2013 to conclude one of their opening courses. In the planning of the expo they could put all their knowledge about experience economy and events into practice.

The mood was high throughout the day, and not even a giant rain shower could dampen anyone’s spirits.
Everyone enjoyed swinging their hips to Cuban Salsa and Moroccan belly dancing, visiting romantic Paris or glamorous Hollywood, and being photographed on the red carpet.

The brave guests could even enjoy a worm from Botswana or test their throwing abilities in a Spanish tomato fight.
Happenings and viral competitions catered to the competitive guests and they had the chance to win a professional wine tasting, trip to Tivoli Gardens or tickets to soccer matches in Parken Stadium.

The students managed to create an event that reached over the walls of Cphbusiness. Travel Expo 2013 also attracted the local news station TV2 Lorry.