Study trip to Malaysia

30 April 2014

In Kuala Lumpur

Bachelor in International Sales and Marketing Management visits Kuala Lumpur Metropolitan University and College in April and May 2014 with 26 students.

For the second time in three years, a group of our PBA ISMM students have chosen to participate in a study program in KL over 2 full weeks.

The students arrived from here and there to the stipulated hotel on Sunday April 27th. On Monday the program started with the usual opening South East Asian ceremony – lots of colours, flowers, balloons and banners. All the top of the school brass were there, giving speeches as to an international professional event. This was followed by dance performances and of course the usual photo sessions, where everybody are photographed with the VIP’s.

On Tuesday we went to meet with a very interesting semi large IT/HR company established and run by a Danish entrepreneur, with a very interesting and inspiring history – a super case story

The students are parallel to the company visits and lectures working in teams with local students to prepare a study and presentation focusing on one of the companies they are visiting. Together they have already discussed and agreed on their first Research Question together.

The weather is seasonally a combination of sun, gray and rain – but if you like it warm with balmy evenings, this is the place to be.

A city tour in an open bus made this very clear.

Erik Krogager,

  • Visiting 3 companies

    Pace is picking up. We have now visited 3 companies.

    Wednesday we visited ISS, who employ som 1600 people in Malaysia. Although short of the 50000 they employ in Indonesia, the winds from Denmark and the Danish headquarter was very evident.

    ISS has a very strong focus on facility management, rather than just cleaning. They still have some way to go. One of our groups is focused on this, so hopefully some ideas will come out of this.

    Thursday was group work and milestone two on the students project . Nice to see how a number of the local students participated and showed interested in assisting our students, even on this day, the 1st of May, which here is a National Bank Holiday.

    Teaching this week was carried out by Holger Nielsen from Nørrebro and me. Very lively, many students are in very good form, incl. the local students, where some of them were slightly embarrassed by our open teaching style, where students interrupt, and generally act on equal terms with the teachers.

    Friday afternoon we went to a small local company focused on various industrial tests, a test center. The groups from Nørrebro both are doing their project on this company.

    Long drive, an interesting presentation, down to earth, lots of opportunities for a good project. Questions “like how do you get customers”, were answered with “they just come” – This was not a place to ask about Customer Relationship Management” or Balanced Score Card. But the engineering story was solid with good examples. Interesting to get a little back to basics, “Having a good product”. “Looking after your customers” “ensuring a good service”.

    Before I had to go back we, Holger Nielsen and I met with management of the university for dinner Friday evening. They are very interested in working with us. They also think our students are super.

    Then we all got together at the Skybar at Traders hotel – see below. Students were dressed up, several in new dresses and new shoes – they looked fantastic, and all got quite a bit of attention.