Students arrange concert

As part of a school project 11 service, hospitality and tourism management students have put together a concert for their fellow students.

09 May 2014

The 15th of May 11 AP degree students are inviting their fellow students and teachers to the concert Summer Tunes and Treats at Global Copenhagen with great bands and "balloon drop" with gifts for the guests .

Summertunes posterFor students taking an AP degree everyday life is not all about books and learning the curriculum. For the last 3 months, Danish and international students at the AP degree programme in Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management have worked with practical planning and executing real events on the basis of relevant theory. "Our teachers said that when it comes to learning the theories, nothing beats reality," says Cæcilie Layborn, who is a student and project manager at Summer Tunes and Treats.

The overall theme of these events has been “diversity " and there has not been a budget available. Therefore, students did not only have to plan the events, but they also had to get sponsorships for everything. "The process has been long, but we have learned a lot about how to handle event planning in reality. We have learned that experience economy has become a compulsory elem

ent in events today, therefore we involve our guests in a large" balloon drop ", where they will find great gifts inside the balloons. We have also learned how to speak professionally with various companies and sponsors, "says Cæcilie Layborn.

"It was the intimidating to seek out companies and ask for free stuff. We thought,"why would they help us?”. But here we are, a week before our event, and every element of our event has been sponsored. It was hard work, and we have all come to realize how important having a great network is,” Cecilia Layborn continues.

You can follow the students' work and the final preparations for the event Summer Tunes and Treats on the facebook page: Facebook.