Inauguration of Cphbusiness Søerne

The Minister of Higher Education and Science, Sofie Carsten Nielsen, cut the ribbon at the inauguration of Cphbusiness Søerne.

03 December 2014

Friday 28 November 2014 was a big day at Cphbusiness as the business academy’s new campus in the centre of Copenhagen, housing more than 1,200 students, was opened.

- Thank you for the tour of your new facilities and for the opportunity to meet the people within them, who clearly give the impression that this building is brought to life by the many dedicated students and teachers, who make it a fantastic place to be, said the Minister, who had just been on a tour around the building, where she amongst other things saw Cphbusiness’ incubator environment, where students work with their own companies.

The new campus takes its name from The Lakes of Copenhagen, which are literally a stone’s throw from the new building. Since September most of the 7,000 square metre building has been open to students. The work to finish the final details is nearly complete, and the students can look forward to not having to share the space with builders.

This building is brought to life by the many dedicated students and teachers, who make it a fantastic place to be.

Sophie Carsten Nielsen, Minister

Proud and happy 

There were big smiles on the fourth floor, as all the guests were invited in for a snack and some bubbles accompanied by speeches from among others the president of Cphbusiness Students, Arnar Thor Vidarsson, chairman of the board, Ing-Marie Frithiof, and president at Cphbusiness, Ole Gram-Olesen, who talked about the development and growth of Cphbusiness, since the business academy first saw the light of day back in 2009.

- Thank you to all those, who have contributed to the creating this department. It has been done in a short time. Thank you to the employees and students. Thank you to Norrporten, who owns the building, thank you to the Ministry and to the board of directors as well as advisors and architects, Ole Gram-Olesen said to the around 100 guests.

Cphbusiness’ chairman of the board, Ing-Marie Frithiof, also took the opportunity to say a few words.

- Cphbusiness is a business academy, which is developing quickly, and we are the biggest in Denmark, but more importantly, we have to be the best business academy, delivering the most value to the business community, the chairman said in her speech.

Back to the roots 

The owners of the building were content with the fact that, after more than 12 years as an office building, Nansensgade 19 was once again a place of teaching.

- Today, this building returns to its role as a place of teaching, so in that sense the circle is complete. We are very content about this, because the building is well suited for this purpose, Thomas Wenzell Olesen, Market Director at Norrporten, said in his speech.