Bioporto Diagnostics won Business Internship of the year

The winner of Business Internship of the Year is BioPorto Diagnostics who was presented with the award on Monday, 29 June 2015.

30 June 2015

- We are so proud, said Finn Fjorder, Executive Vice President Sales at BioPorto Diagnostics, when he had just been surprised by his former intern Nuncan Obiero Livanza and president of Cphbusiness, Ole Gram-Olesen.

The Biotech-company was one of the five finalists for winning the award along with Maersk, Nordea, Visma and danbolig. The award is started by Cphbusiness and shines a light on great internships by giving the former interns a chance to nominate their internship companies.

- The interns mean a lot to BioPorto Diagnostics. They bring new life and approach the assignments differently than the permanent staff. And even though having interns is a big undertaking, they give even more back. That is why it is a big deal to receive this award, says Finn Fjorder.

The Great Internship

Students at Cphbusiness who have had their internships during the fall of 2014 and the spring of 2015 were able to nominate their internship company for Business Internship of the Year. 107 did exactly that, and the final five was selected by a committee of internship counsellors at Cphbusiness.

The internship was evaluated with regard to the personal and professional growth, the social experience and the ability to turn knowledge into value. The final decision was taken by an independent jury.

- Besides filling out the formal scope of a good internship, BioPorto Diagnostics was skillful in spotting Nuncans potential and putting it to use through assignments and projects that benefitted both Nuncan and the company. That comes about as close to a great internship as possible, says Ole Gram-Olesen, member of the jury and president of Cphbusiness.

Besides Ole Gram-Olesen, the jury members were Stina Vrang Elias, CEO, The Think Tank DEA, Nikolaj Lubanski, director of talent, Copenhagen Capacity, and Sophie Hoffmann, president, Cphbusiness Students.

The internship is essential

Business Internship of the Year is a new award started by Cphbusiness for the purpose of shining a light on the central role that internships play in education, and the connection internships create between the educational institutions and business life.

- The business academies train for practical application in the business life. The internships are extremely valuable to the students and the companies, says Ole Gram-Olesen.

It was the former interns who nominated their internship companies, and for Nuncan Obiero Livanza from Kenya, an intern at BioPorto Diagnostics during his professional bachelor top-up in International Sales and Marketing Management, the internship has meant a lot.

- It will always be in my life, and I will take it forth to the years to come. Definitely, it felt really nice that this company won, he says.