Delegation from Ghana at Cphbusiness

Friday, 4 September, the management of one of Ghana’s biggest universities, with more than 15,000 students, visited Cphbusiness Lyngby and Cphbusiness Laboratorie og Miljø.

10 September 2015

Over the last couple of years, Cphbusiness has strengthened the collaboration with the University of Cape Coast, which is located close to the coast of southern Ghana. Last year, 30 students from the study programme in Innovation and Entrepreneurship visited the country, and next year Cphbusiness is planning a study trip for other study programmes.

Already, there is an exchange of both students and teachers between Cphbusiness and the University of Cape Coast, and Danish students work together with Ghanaian students on ideas for start-up companies.

Over the last couple of years, we have expanded our university network to include countries in South America and Africa in addition to the European, North American and Asian countries we have collaborated with so far, says Hanne Thuesen from the international office at Cphbusiness.

Ghana is interesting

It is no coincidence that Cphbusiness has chosen to extend the collaboration with a university in Ghana.

Ghana is an English speaking country which is experiencing big economic growth, propelling the country into the group of middle-income countries, with relatively security and less corruption compared to other African countries. For many years, Danida has prioritised the country, which has close historical ties to Denmark, explains Hanne Thuesen.

Photo: Rosemond Boohene is professor at the University of Cape Coast and an expert in entrepreneurship. Here, she is giving Danish and international students at Cphbusiness an introduction to Ghana and the university.