New collaboration with Lyngby Boldklub

Thursday 3 September 2015, 70 Sports Management students from Cphbusiness visited Lyngby Boldklub.

18 September 2015

The visit kick-started a new collaboration with the local sports community.

- It was very valuable to see the theories, we have learned, applied in practice, says Emilie Starling, who is a student at the Top-Up Bachelor’s degree in Sports Management at Cphbusiness Lyngby.

One of the focus points of the programme was the so-called ’case’ for Lyngby Boldklub. It is a project where students address concrete issues faced by the company and develop suggested solutions. For this case, Lyngby Boldklub wanted the student’s help to figure out how the club’s game sponsor for the game on 18 October, could maximise the value of its sponsorship.

- I would like more activities like this, because you really learn a lot from them, says Emilie Starling.

Go big or go home

When the 70 Sports Management students visited Lyngby Boldklub, it was the first time that Business Brand and Communication Manager, Pernille Nielsen, got the chance to meet the students. She is looking forward to the collaboration, which will benefit both parties; the company gets new input from the students, and the students get a chance to test their theories in practice, she says.

- Young people are just more creative. You can really feel that the students are taking on the challenge with a fresh perspective. It is hard to gain that perspective, when you work with something on daily basis. The downside, however, might be that some of the ideas are too unrealistic, but that is part of the game, says Pernille Nielsen.

- You have to go big or go home, she says.

Better than a text 

On 18 October, at the first game with Danske Bank as game sponsor, the students will get a chance to see the best of their ideas turned into concrete initiatives. It is a big deal for both the students and Cphbusiness, who have worked together to give the students an even better study experience.

- The students benefit a lot from basing their work on something real. It is great to be able to refer to Lyngby Boldklub instead of a text book, says Poul Duus Gilling, assistant lecturer at Cphbusiness and former head of development at DBU.