Exam information

Cphbusiness is in the process of planning your exams. Here are some useful information.

29 October 2015

Exam information

On Fronter, you now have access to a new tab called ”Exam”. You will find it next to ”Today”.

On this page, you can find an exam plan by clicking on your department/study programme/semester. Within a week prior to your exam, you will be able to see the final meeting list including time and location. It is a good idea to read Cphbusiness’ examination rules, so you are informed of our rules and learn about other useful information.


We have implemented a new exam system this fall, where among other things all assignments must be uploaded. This means that exam assignments turned in on Fronter or on email will NOT be accepted. As soon as your next exam is ready in the system, you will receive an email stating that you enrolled in a flow. Do NOT login with NemID, but choose WAYF instead, where you access the system with your Cphbusiness login.

Please be aware that assignments uploaded to Wiseflow must be saved in PDF format. Therefore, it is a good idea to check whether you can save documents in this format in advance.

Important information about the exam

  • You have three attempts to pass an exam.
  • If you have not passed one or more OLA’s (Obligatory Learning Activities), this may count as an examination attempt. This is described in your study programme’s exam catalogue.
  • If you do not pass an exam, you are automatically registered for the re-examination. This will be held as soon as possible. On some study programmes, the exam form may differ from the ordinary exam.
  • You are automatically registered for ALL exams in the same examination period.

Remember to read your Cphbusiness mail every day, because this is where you will receive important information about your exams.

If you have any questions, please contact us at the examination office on this email address: