Welcome to Cphbusiness' new website

Cphbusiness has launched a new website on October 2, 2015.

02 October 2015

Cphbusiness' old website is from the summer of 2012, and much has happened since then. We have expanded and evolved as an educational institution - and so have the demands of modern websites.

Primarily, the new website will be for the benefit of the users. Better tools and more targeted information to the various target groups is the goal.

The site has also been given a new engine, and it will affect you as a user. Technical solutions such as registration and file uploads will work better than before.

The new website has a simple and user-friendly structure and a very visual and stylish design.

  • How to navigate

    We have removed the left menu and fact boxes in the right column. Instead we have used wide screen; you navigate around the site via the main menu using horizontal bands and by clicking on the menu bars.

    There are four main menus:

    • Study programmes: Here you will find the full-time study programmes: AP degrees and Top-up Bachelor’s degrees.
    • Admission: Here you will find information on how to apply.
    • Research: Here you will find information on the research and development projects, Cphbusiness participate in.
    • International: Here you will find information on Cphbusiness' international study programmes and cooperation.
  • The good stories

    In all our study programme descriptions, you can see current events and find news from the study programme. Here you will find the good stories, for example about the Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management student who took the trip from Cphbusiness to Harvard, the available jobs in the IT industry, a study trip to Shanghai, the student who got a dream job as Head of PR and Marketing at LETZ SUSHI, the boxer who got a financial career - and much more.

  • Target group entrance for applicants, students and studying abroad

    If you are an applicant and want to know about how to apply, then you can find answers to your questions by navigating through the ‘Applicants’ entrance on the front page. Here you will find relevant information on deadlines, etc.

    If you are already a student at Cphbusiness, or you are accepted at a study programme, and you will begin your studies soon, then you can navigate through the ‘Students’ entrance and find relevant information on IT, the library, study start, SU and more.

    If you are interested in studying in Denmark, you can find more information through the ‘Living in Denmark’ entrance.

  • Contact information

    Through ’Contact’ in the top menu, you can find contact information for all the departments. You can also use ’Find an employee’. Here you can also read about the individual employee.

  • Facts about Cphbusiness

    Through ’About Cphbusiness’ in the top menu, you will find a lot of facts: see the organisation, read the strategy - and more.

    Here you will also find our big news site, where all news is gathered. We have kept all relevant, old news, so if you are looking for a specific article from 2012, 2013 or 2014, you can find it here.

  • In Danish in a parallel site

    No matter where you are on the site, click on the Danish top menu and get transferred directly to the English equivalent of the actual page.

    If you for example are reading about Marketing Management, then click on Danish to go to the ’markedsføringsøkonom’ study programme.

    In cases where there is no parallel site in the second language, you will be taken to the next level above.

  • Involved users

    The new website has been developed over nine months, and we have among other things spend time to involve users.

    User tests have been held with representatives of the target groups: potential new full-time students, potential new part-time students and companies.

    Meetings with employees from Cphbusiness' areas and centres and have also been held.

    The user tests and internal meetings have given numerous invaluable inputs.

  • Suggestions

    We would like to hear from you, if you have any suggestions to the new website.

    • What does not work?
    • What works really well?
    • What is missing?
    • Do you have any other ideas?

    Send an email to webmaster Rikke Thorborg Lind: rtl@cphbusiness.dk

  • The old sites

    This is how the old sites looked like:

    Top: www.cphbusiness.dk - the Danish site 
    Middle: www.cphbusiness.dk/en - the english site
    Buttom: www.cphbusiness.dk/studieliv - the students site