Cphbusiness kicks off International Week

Starting Monday 9 November, the students at Cphbusiness are in for a very different sort of week.

09 November 2015

The week is packed with events across Cphbusiness’ five campuses that all shine a spotlight on the big world out there.

International Week is a joint initiative, but each campus and study programme have put their own spin on the theme and arranged a wide variety of events.
Here is a small sample:

Two-day Chinese conference

At Cphbusiness Nørrebro, Wednesday and Thursday are devoted to all things Chinese. With more than ten presentations, from among others Danish businesspeople, with an intimate knowledge of China, representatives from the Chinese embassy and representatives from Wonderful Copenhagen students have a good chance to learn a lot of different aspects about China.

Panel debate

On Wednesday, finance students from Cphbusiness City can look forward to a panel debate at Dagmar Bio, where former Foreign Secretary Martin Lidegaard (R), professor from CBS Finn Østrup and MP Kenneth Bergth (DF) will meet

Versatile conference day

On Thursday, Cphbusiness Lyngby offers students the chance to choose between 40 presentations in one day. The range of topics include the international strategy of the Sports Confederation of Denmark, doing business in developing countries, outsourcing IT-project, communicating and negotiating across cultures.

Big Going Abroad Fair

On Friday afternoon, Cphbusiness Søerne is setting the stage for a Going Abroad Fair for all Cphbusiness’ students. At the fair, there will be presentations from among others the intercultural expert Richard Gesteland and loads of inspiration for going abroad from partner-universities, exchange students and international internship institutions.

Follow the International Week at #cphbusiness

There are loads of presentations and initiatives planned for the International Week at Cphbusiness. You can keep tabs on the activities of the week by following:

  • This website 
  • Facebook 
  • Instagram  
  • Hashtag #cphbusiness and #cphbusinessinternational across all social media.