Internship Fair 2016 at Cphbusiness Nørrebro

On Friday 12 February, The Cphbusiness Internship Fair 2016 brought Service and Experience students together with potential internship companies. 

18 February 2016

The purpose of the fair was to create a network platform for cooperation between internship seekers and companies. At the fair a wide range of service enterprises were given the opportunity to meet and recruit both international and Danish students.

The students had done their homework

In the run up to the fair, the students worked on different task preparing them for their meeting with the companies. The two subjects Communication and Management found in the 'Competencies & Network' educational module contributed greatly to everyone’s outstanding performances.

To bring an extra dimension to the day the NICE ( and Cphbusiness International participated too. Ten talented students from fourth semester volunteered and contributed greatly to the amazing day and an overall positive experience.

See the pictures from the Internship fair here

Hashtag competition

The students had a chance to take part in a hashtag competition – competing for a 1.000 Kroner gift certificate for the Hard Rock Café.

It wasn’t easy to pick a winner among the many creative snapshots taken before, during and after the event day. Congratulations to the winner Renée Carolin Lauridsen Hägele and her team.

Below is the winning photo and a photo of the happy winners with the price in hand:

We would like to thank the participating companies, our volunteers and our dedicated students for a great event.

Best regards,

Ginka Rinkova og Helen Duus Møllerskov

Event organisers