Colombian ambassador visited Cphbusiness

The Colombian ambassador to Denmark and Sweden, Mrs Sonia Durán, got a chance to see the incubator, meet students and further strengthen the relationship between Colombia and Cphbusiness on Thursday, 25 February 2016.

02 March 2016

In October 2015, Head of International Relations at Cphbusiness, Michael Huss Svejstrup, participated in a contact seminar organized by the Swedish and the Danish Ministries for Higher Education. It took place in Bogota, and Michael Huss Svejstrup met up with several Colombian universities and close ties have now been made between Colombia and Cphbusiness.

The Colombian ambassador Sonia Durán had been informed about Michael Huss Svejstrup's successful visit to Colombia and Sonia Durán happened to be in Copenhagen last week. She had expressed a strong interest in visiting Cphbusiness and of course we welcomed her, Michael Huss Svejstrup explains.

The visit took place in the incubator at Nansensgade, where the ambassador had great talks with the students working in the incubator, and as a special treat she was offered a couple of the products that are a direct outcome of the ideas developed by the students in the incubator. The ambassador was deeply impressed by the motivation of the students and how Cphbusiness paves the way from a student idea to its implementation.

Study Trip to Colombia in April

Cphbusiness faculty and staff also talked to Sonia Durán about the close ties to Colombia, and she was very happy to hear that a direct outcome of last year’s contact seminar is a two week faculty-led study tour for 30 of our students from Cphbusiness Søerne. The students and 3 of our teachers will travel to Bogota in April this year to cooperate with students from the prestigious private university, CESA.

The ambassador was very keen to keep in contact with Cphbusiness, and we agreed on looking in to ways of how we can increase the cooperation between Cphbusiness and a small handful of good Colombian universities, Michael Huss Svejstrup says.