Cphbusiness Internship of the Year is live

Second year in a row, Cphbusiness highlights the benefit of internships.

11 March 2016

Cphbusiness Internship of the Year

Cphbusiness Internship of the Year 2015/2016 celebrates the interns, the internship companies and not least the mutual benefit by electing the best internship in the academic year of 2015/2016.

When the students graduate from Cphbusiness, they take valuable job experience with them. Cphbusiness wants to highlight the match that occurs between the company and the intern.

- The internship is a central part of the study programmes and the skills that the students acquire through us. We can observe how the internship provides a great jumping off point for a career, and we want to highlight that fact again this year, says Ole Gram-Olesen, President, Cphbusiness.

The idea of electing the internship of the year has taken a hold of the other business academies in Denmark. This year, the winner of Cphbusiness Internship of the Year advances to a national competition along with one winner from each of the other 8 business academies in Denmark. The national winner is found on 7 June.

Acknowledging the internship companies

Each year, more than 2,000 students from Cphbusiness are doing their internship, which means that a great number of companies are putting an effort into making the internship a rich experience – on both a personal and professional level.

The nominations come from the students, since the idea is to give the students a chance to give their internship company a pat on the back. Last year, over 100 students made use of that opportunity, when Cphbusiness launched the award.

- We were very thrilled to see how the students received the opportunity to acknowledge their internship company and not least to read all the detailed descriptions of internship that have helped the students grow on a personal and professional level, says Ole Gram-Olesen.

Mutual benefit

Working closely together with the business community is the point of focus for the Danish business academies and not least Cphbusiness. When more than 2,000 students embark on their internships each year, it’s not just the student who benefits.

The company also gets a unique chance to get inspiration and see their business through new eyes.

- When we highlight the good internship, we also aim to inspire companies to harness the potential of having a student from a higher education as an intern, Ole Gram-Olesen says.

Facts: Cphbusiness Internship of the Year

The students nominate their internship company and asses the stay in the fields of:

  • Personal and professional growth
  • Social experience
  • Turning knowledge into value

Nomination is non-compulsory for Cphbusiness’ students.

The students have taken their internship as part of an AP or professional bachelor’s degree programme during the fall semester of 2015 or spring semester of 2016.

The final winner is chosen by a jury consisting of representatives from educational institutions, business life and the student organisation of Cphbusiness on 11 May.

The winner from Cphbusiness advances to a national competition that all 9 Danish business academies participate in. A national winner will be chosen by a national jury 7 June.