Improve your resume

In February, three Cphbusiness students launched a new website where you can find templates for your professional resume.

06 April 2016

- A resume is much like a puzzle. You have a lot of information that you need to put together, before it can create an image. It may be difficult to put the pieces together. But we can match them for you.

Those are the words from 22-year-old Andrei-Iulian Kurtuy, who, along with Letai Daniel Cristian and Stefan Polexe of the same age, are the founders of Novorésumé that offers resume templates.

But Andrei-Iulian Kurtuy has not always known that he wanted to be an entrepreneur. Originally, the dream was to be a hotel manager, but studying at Cphbusiness quickly changed his mind.

Cphbusiness’ Friday Bar as the foundation stone

All three founders of Novorésumé are coming from Romania, and in 2012 they took the trip to Copenhagen to study in another country and explore a new and different culture.

- The choice was between Denmark and the United Kingdom, but because of the high tuition fees in the UK, I chose Denmark. And I do not regret my decision. It is one of the best I have made, says Andrei-Iulian.

Despite their common background, Andrei-Iulian, Cristian and Stefan had never met each other before they after their studies a spring day in 2013 were standing together in the Friday Bar at Cphbusiness. The three countrymen quickly clicked, and after a year of friendship they decided to test their entrepreneurial skills.

- We did not have an idea, but we wanted to sign up to Cphbusiness’ event, Microsoft Innovation Cup, because we knew we had different skills, reveals Andrei-Iulian.

The creative resume

However, the idea would prove to be born over a few beers at Cristian’s place. Cristian had previously been called to a job interview because of his creative and different resume.

- Cristian did not have much experience, but under his skills he made a graphic scale where he wrote ‘apprentice’ and ‘jedi’ in connection to Star Wars. The boss was so curious about these names, so she asked her husband about them, and he loved it. Out of 70 people, he was one of the few who were invited to the interview, and he was actually the one who got the job, says Andrei-Iulian and continues:

- Then I asked Cristian, if we could not make make a website with resume templates, because back then there was not something like that on the Internet. There were a lot of designers you could send your information to who would help you out. But it was not co-creation. We wanted to base this on co-creation. We give you the template, but it is still you who has to put in information and arrange the colors and so on.

According to the young entrepreneurs behind Novorésumé, it can be difficult for people to omit information about themselves in their resume, but not all information is equally important, and you should be able to get a quick overview of your resume. And this is exactly what Novorésumé’s idea is about, says Andrei-Iulian Kurtuy:

- If you do not have more than five years of experience, your resume does not need to be longer than a single page. Some people think that all they have done is very important, but there is no reason to write everything on your resume, because then you do not have much new to say during the interview. Our resumes are easy and quick to read. It is important to us. You need to be able to get an overview of the resume in just seven seconds.

A helping hand from Cphbusiness’ incubator

In March 2015, the three entrepreneurs founded Square Development with base in Romania, but in the summer they joined Cphbusiness' incubator, and at the same time they bought the domain Novorésumé.

And the enrolment in the incubator was an important factor to Novorésumé’s development, says Andrei-Iulian:

- It was a really good decision to become a member of the incubator. First of all, you have more space, and secondly, you work in a professional environment and not in someone's own home. It felt like a real job.

According to Andrei-Iulian Kurtuy, the community and cooperation with the other entrepreneurs made the incubator an optimal working environment.

- The other teams at the incubator also helped us a lot, because you feel more motivated when you work together. Every Tuesday, we would have a lunch meeting with the other groups, discussing what we have done, and what our next steps were. And the week after, you could check if the others have done what they have said they would do. This created a good competitive spirit where you also learn from others mistakes, says Andrei-Iulian and continues:

- We also got a lot of useful input from the other teams at the incubator. They gave real feedback. If you ask someone you know, if they like your idea, they may say what they think you want to hear, but at the incubator people are entrepreneurs, and they know that you need to hear the truth. The multi cultural environment at Cphbusiness was also a big advantage. It made you think outside the box in another way.

A dynamic team

All three entrepreneurs from Novorésumé have a history at Cphbusiness. Stefan is still studying at Cphbusiness, where he after his AP Degree in Computer Science continued on a Top-up Bachelor's degree in Software Development. Andrei-Iulian has an AP Degree in Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management and a Top-up Bachelor's degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, both from Cphbusiness, while Cristian has an AP Degree in Multimedia Design and Communication from Cphbusiness and is now studying at Aalborg University.

Despite their common educational institution, Andrei-Iulian, Cristian and Stefan have very different degrees, and it makes the cooperation between the entrepreneurs more dynamic, says Andrei-Iulian:

- We complement each other very well because of our different programmes. Steven is the administrator and does much more than just programming. Cristian is the designer, and he will have to talk to Steven about if the ideas that he has can be implemented. They will have to cooperate a lot. I am in charge of the user tests from the customer's point of view, says Andrei-Iulian Kurtuy and continues:

- It is important for us to have fun with what we do, and there need to be a balance between business and friendship. We often go to a bar or even travel to strengthen our friendship. It is also very important to us that we can discuss anything we do not agree on, so we can reach a mutual decision.

So far, it is only the three young entrepreneurs who represent Novorésumé, but according to Andrei-Iulian Kurtuy the company will need a couple of helping hands in the future:

- We are only three persons in the company right now. But this summer we expect to need interns - especially in the marketing area.

New initiatives on the way

Currently, all templates on Novorésumé's website are free of charge, since the three young entrepreneurs want to offer a free basic service for students, but people can soon expect new opportunities.

- In the future, we plan to make it possible to purchase a premium membership, where you can access even more templates. You will be able to choose templates within different industries and many other features, reveals Andrei-Iulian Kurtuy and continues:

- Although we do not make money on Novorésumé yet, we would like to make a living of it. We believe we can do it better than anyone, and we would also like to launch globally.

Eventually, Andrei-Iulian Kurtuy tells that he has more ideas on his mind, but right now it is only Novorésumé he focuses on:

- I want to go all in on Novorésumé at least for the next year. I have notes of several ideas for other projects, but right now it is best not to focus on too many things at the same time.

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