Strong focus on E-Commerce

Cphbusiness Lyngby was the scene of an ambitious e-commerce conference on 4 - 5 April.

14 April 2016

With speakers from the Danish E-commerce Association, University of Southern Denmark, Vaeksthus Copenhagen, serial entrepreneurs and leading representatives from companies such as and E-Commerce Park of Sweden, the stage was set for a two-day-conference covering in-depth aspects of e-commerce - a subject the students wanted to learn more about.

- The students requested information about e-commerce. They know it’s important, but are uncertain what it actually cover, says Maria Sommer, associate lecturer at Cphbusiness.

E-commerce being important is a statement that Henrik Theil from the Danish E-commerce Association naturally agrees with. As head of communications, he opened the conference by sharing their insights collected by the association each month through their Danish e-commerce analysis.

It was clear that the retail industry in Denmark experience massive competition from e-commerce. Danish consumers gladly purchase from foreign online shops, but Danish online retailers don’t export goods to the same degree.

Important to educate for the future

It is more than a national requirement that knowledge and competences within e-commerce should be strengthened, Maria Sommer explains. She has a background in e-commerce and knows, that the students graduate into a business world in which e-commerce plays a continuously larger part. Preparing for that fact is important.

Classic business models are endangered in an ever more globalized world where the players are often big corporations. In a world like that, being creative and possessing the relevant knowledge is crucial, Maria Sommer explains.

- It’s my wish, that the students open their eyes. Their future is not secured just because they’ve gotten a degree. A lot of jobs will disappear, but there has never, in the world history, been a better time to challenge the big players with your own unique and innovative business concept of your own, she says.

In tune with the digital arena of today

Some of those who prosper in the digital present are Casper Birch Buchberg and Jonathan Kaa Abel. They’re both bachelor’s degree students at Cphbusiness and part of the digital landscape with their well-established company,

As a digital agency, they provide solutions for small and large companies. They showed how to get started in e-commerce right before the final curtain of the conference.


The programme was in English and consisted of these presentations at Cphbusiness Lyngby.

Programme for e-commerce conference