Join Cphbusiness Students at Roskilde Festival

The student organisation at Cphbusiness has the great opportunity to invite 60 students from Cphbusiness to join the Roskilde Festival as volunteers.

12 May 2016

Join us and have a great time!

Practical information 

  • When: 25th of June till 3rd of July 2016
  • Where: Roskilde Dyreskueplads, Havsteensvej 11, DK-4000 Roskilde
  • What: We will be volunteering at Roskilde Festival as service guards. The volunteer work means 32 hours of volunteer work divided into 4 days with 8-hour shifts.


  • As a volunteer you get a ticket for the entire festival
  • Opportunity to buy cheap alcohol (in the camp)
  • Being part of a community with the rest of the students from Cphbusiness
  • Events and happenings all the week
  • New friends
  • Have a great experience

We hope that a lot of you want to join us at Roskilde Festival! We can’t wait to spend an awesome week together with you!

Best festival regards,

Cphbusiness Students
The student organisation at Cphbusiness

  • Sign up now

    Deadline: 15 June 2016

    The 60 spots will be given as first come first served.

    You sign up by:

    1. Send an email to
    2. You will receive a confirmation email that will inform you if you got the opportunity to be a volunteer. If the 60 spots are already filled, you will be offered a place on the waiting list.
    3. In order to get the spot you need to pay a DKK 1,000 in deposit no later than five days after you receive the confirmation email.
    4. When we have received your deposit you will receive an email confirming that you have the job as a volunteer at Roskilde Festival!
  • The Camp

    We will have our very own camp for all the volunteers from Cphbusiness at the volunteer camping area at Roskilde Festival.

  • Events and activities

    Throughout the festival, we will make sure everyone has tons of fun by organising games and events happening in our camp, e.g. beer pong, beer bowling or any other game enriched with beer – we'll make sure it's memorable!

    We will plan these activities on Camp Day - a meeting for all volunteers from Cphbusiness.

    Camp day meeting 

    • What: A meeting for all volunteers who are joining us at Roskilde Festival
    • When: 15 June 2016
    • Where: The canteen at Cphbusiness City, Landemærket 11, 1119 Kbh K, 4th floor
    • Time: From 15:00 to 20:00

    At the Camp Day meeting we give YOU, the volunteers, an introduction of the week at Roskilde Festival and you get to meet all the other volunteers and have an amazing evening while planning all our camp’s events and activities together.

    Here you have a small list of all the things that we’re going to discuss and go through at the Camp Day meeting:

    • Alcohol/drinks
    • Tents
    • Events
    • Music
    • Food
    • Competitions
    • Camp shopping list
    • And all the other things that you have in your mind. Be creative!
  • Laws of the camp

    There is a set of general rules for our camp.

    1. Give and take

    For our great camp to prosper and be enjoyable for everyone, we need you to give it as much positive energy as you will get in return. Participate in activities, get to know your fellow campmates, have fun, smile and make the camp an amazing and enjoyable place for everybody!

    2. Rules of Roskilde Festival

    We are all required to follow the rules of Roskilde Festival. Please visit the Roskilde Festival website for more information:

    3. Deposit

    In order to volunteer you need to pay a deposit.

    • How much do I need to pay? The deposit is DKK 1,000.
    • How can I pay? The deposit can be either paid in cash to Sebastian Holmegaard (email:, tel: 71170221) or make a bank transfer to the student organisation’s bank account: Reg. 2105 Konto. 0726773475. Please write your name and class when doing the transfer.
    • When do I have to pay? Within five days after you receive the confirmation email from
    • Why should I pay a deposit? The deposit is for us to ensure Roskilde Festival that our volunteers will show up and fulfil their tasks as volunteers.
    • When do I get the deposit refunded? After the festival has ended and you have fulfilled your tasks as a volunteer, the deposit will be paid back as fast as possible (no later than July 10).

    4. Behave responsibly

    This is a festival and we want you to behave crazy and have the time of your life, however we expect you to be responsible for yourself.

    5. Respect

    We are going to be a lot of people together and it is going to be fun, with this in mind be respectful of your companions.

    6. Camp leader

    During the festival Sebastian Holmegaard will be the camp leader, which means that his words are final. Sebastian has four lieutenants, who can take his place: Gabriella Ploug, Lennart Børger, Edvinas Narbutas and Bartłomiej Gozdek.

    7. The volunteer job and our expectations

    It is important that you are able to do your work. It is okay to be a little tired but it is unacceptable to be drunk or too hangover to do what you committed to do.

    Our job at Roskilde Festival is to be service guards at the camping area “P”. Your job as a service guard is to walk around and observe camping area “P” making sure that everybody is all right and you will answer information questions if needed. We will be representatives and the face of the festival. We will walk in pairs, one Danish speaking person and one English speaking person per shift.

    Working as a service guard consists primarily of being visible to the festival guests among the tents. You are the one they come to first if they or their friend is lost, cold, hurt, their phone has been stolen or if they have general questions about the festival. Besides being the-go-to-person, you also act as a security guard. This means you need to make sure that nobody has candles in their camp, the tents are where they should be and people regularly clean up their camp.

    Be nice and take care of people at the festival – and make sure they get a great experience!

  • Keep updated

    Join our Facebook group called “Cphbusiness Students Roskilde 16” and you can keep yourself updated and get your questions answered.


    You are also welcome to contact the student organisation’s Roskilde Festival team: