The finalists have been found for internship of the year

The five finalists for Cphbusiness Internship of the Year 2015/2016 have been found. The final winner is revealed on 11 May.

03 May 2016

Cphbusiness Internship of the Year

Internships in Tivoli, F.C. Copenhagen, PwC in Holbæk, Praqma and the Copenhagen branch of the Austrian tourist organisation Österreich Werbung are all in the finals for the award Cphbusiness Internship of the Year.

The nominations come from the students themselves. About 100 students have nominated their internship as the best, and a jury at Cphbusiness have selected the five finalists.

The finalists are:

Professional development in a safe environment

For the second year in a row, Cphbusiness gives the award to an internship company who have provided an exemplary internship stay. All of the five internship companies have done exactly that.

- We see five very different companies and five very different internships. But what they all have in common is that they have succeeded in providing a safe environment for the intern while pushing them enough to force a professional development. That is a difficult balance to strike, and it requires a lot of attention and effort of the company when they accept a student in an internship, says Søren Meyer, Head of Study and Career Guidance.

A good internship is crucial

Cphbusiness has established the internship award in order to show examples of the good internship and to bring the importance of internships as part of an education into focus.

- We see how much the internship means for student’s development, and how essential it is for their first job. Therefore, we would like to reward the companies that do it extra well. It can inspire other companies and students on how to get the best out of their internship, says Ole Gram-Olesen, President of Cphbusiness.

On 11 May, a jury consisting of members from Cphbusiness, the business community and the students determines, which of the five internships is going to be announced as the Cphbusiness Internship of the Year.

The winner goes through to a final round between all of the country’s business academies, where the winner from each business academy compete for the title as Business Academy Internship of the Year.


About Cphbusiness Internship of the Year:

For the second year in a row, the prize is awarded by Cphbusiness to bring the importance of a good internship into focus.

On 11 May, the jury determines, which of the five nominees is going to win the award.

The jury consists of:

  • Nikolaj Lubanski, director, talent department, Copenhagen Capacity
  • Jørgen Andersen, Head of Network, NOCA – Network of Corporate Academies
  • Stine Lund Johansen, Head of Communication, Cphbusiness Students
  • Ole Gram-Olesen, President of Cphbusiness

Last year, the biotechnology company BioPorto Diagnostics won the award.

Read more about last year’s winner here: Bioporto Diagnostics won Business Internship of the year