Cphbusiness sees increase in applicants

At the application deadline for quota 1, Cphbusiness had an increase in applicants by almost 12 per cent compared to 2015.

27 July 2016

At 12:00 p.m. 5 July 2016, Cphbusiness had a total of 8,189 applications compared with 7,336 in 2015.

2,800 of the applicants this year were number one priority applicants against 2,591 the year before.

In total, there were 11.6 per cent more applications for the study programmes at Cphbusiness at the quota 1 application deadline. This corresponds to 853 more applications.

Among the study programmes with the greatest increase are logistics economist, financial bachelor and laboratory technician.

Logistics economist

81 per cent more applicants than last year have chosen the logistics economist study programme as their first priority.

- It is an impressive interest for the programme, and we are very pleased, says Susanne Rievers, Dean – Sales and Marketing at Cphbusiness.

- It is a field in great growth. There are the logistics in everything from Roskilde Festival to stock control to distribution of emergency aid, and the programme will give you skills you can use in many places. I think that is the reason why several have applied, tells Susanne Rievers.

Financial bachelor

- They are in high demand in the business life, and they get a job right away, says Dean - Economy and Finance at Cphbusiness, Bo Steen Larsen, about the higher number of applicants for the financial bachelor programme.

This year, 68 per cent more chose the financial bachelor as their number one priority, which corresponds to 135 more applications.

- The financial bachelors have relevant skills and the right combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience. More than half of the students from the financial bachelor get a job in the company where they had their internship, says Bo Steen Larsen and continues:

- The study programmes are being updated continually through the interaction between the educational institution and the business life. Thus, our graduated students are very attractive to the companies.

Laboratory technician

There are 36 per cent more applications for the laboratory technician programme as first priority compared to last year, and there is a good reason behind this, says Annette Thromsholdt, Dean – Laboratory and Environment, Cphbusiness.

- The laboratory technician programme is a well-known and well-reputed study programme in the profession with great job opportunities, tells Annette Thromsholdt.

Education on Bornholm gets a great start

The financial economist programme on Bornholm is well underway. 16 students have the study programme as their first priority, and 23 have applied for the education in total.

You can read TV 2/Bornholm’s Danish article about the topic and watch a short video here.

Answer on 30 July

All applicants receive a reply on their application on 30 July 12:01 a.m. 


Martin Ove Christensen, Communication manager, +45 36 15 46 75.