The first alumni event was a great success

Tuesday 23 August the first event for the alumni network was launched with more than 65 participants.

29 August 2016

Tuesday at 4 PM Cphbusiness Alumni opened the doors at Kosmopol for the first event of the newly established alumni network. Students at Cphbusiness was also invited to the event that focused on helping new graduates or future graduates from study to career.

At the event, participants could get their resumes checked, they could have their portrait taken by a professional photographer, they could attend workshops about Personality Types and LinkedIn, hear graduates tell the ugly truth and much more.

See the full programme here.

How did it go?

The event was successful which the evaluations from the event ahows. According to the evaluations 86% were very satisfied, 12% were satisfied, while only 2% were less satisfied.

"I am very pleased with the event. Everything went as planned, and I have only received positive feedback from the participants, the crew and the participating companies. The number of participants was above expectation since al promotion has taken place during the summer holiday, where it can be quite challenging to reach people," says Charlotte Dalgaard Petersen, who organised the event.


HK was the primary sponsor of the event, as they delivered four workshops (about LinkedIn and personality types), three presentations on unemployment benefits, they put two resume experts available, had a stand and sponsored the catering for the event.

In addition the following companies participated with stands that the participants could visit:

• Novorésumé
• Finansforbundet
• Moment
• meploy

Cphbusiness also had a guide stand for the event in which the participants could hear about the opportunities for further education.

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