Alumni workshop was a mixed experience

Tuesday 30 August Cphbusiness Alumni opened the doors for the second alumni event. The participants were very satisfied, but only few showed up.

30 September 2016

The graduates in alumni network was Tuesday 30 August at 4.30 PM invited to a 3-hour workshop, which linked each participant's personality and motivational factors together with type of job and work environment. The workshop was facilitated by Torsten Laursen from Qant.

The purpose of the workshop was to enable participants to develop their careers in exactly the direction that matches their personality and motivation best.

The workshop had room for 25 participants and was filled up fast. There were eight people on the waiting list. It looked like a success, but only 12 of the registered participants turned up for the workshop.

How did it go?

The workshop went well despite the small attendance. The participants were committed and there were good discussions and reflections at the tables.

The participants were very positive in their feedback afterwards, and several said that they had to go home and reflect on the workshop's results on their particular profile.

Next step

Facilitator Torsten Laursen and organizer Charlotte Dalgaard Petersen would like to offer this great opportunity for more graduates, but the concept needs to be rethinked in order to ensure a bigger attendance at similar events.

See the pictures from the workshop on Facebook.