Come to International Week at Cphbusiness Søerne

In week 41 Cphbusiness Søerne hosts International Week, and this year the focus is on digitalization and Germany as a business opportunity.

29 September 2016

Are you ready for the digital world, and can you trade with Germany?

International Week 2016 focuses on opening the world even more to students and lecturers alike. A range of leading companies and experts will do presentations during the week.

The two themes are digitalization and Germany as a business opportunity. Both of the themes present big opportunities, as Germany is the locomotive of European economy, and digitalization is the tool all todays’ companies use to gain competitive advantages.

The companies Carlsberg and MealMatch combined with the German Chamber of Commerce, digital industry experts and international guest lecturer will be attending the event.

Themes, companies and experts are carefully selected, says Steffen Saxil, lecturer and international coordinator:

- We focus our attention in International Week on areas where students and lecturers can see real economic potential, and where the curriculum matches. The companies and presenters we bring in are at the forefront of this and will increase the understanding of potential and challenges.

Susanne Rievers, Dean – Sales and Marketing at Cphbusiness Søerne, is pleased about the programme at International Week this year and says:

- The academic challenge of combining theory and reality is especially clear, when you get to meet real businesses and organizations. I am happy to see that once again a range of leading companies and experts say yes to come to Nansensgade and get to know us and our students. The programme this year is concentrated but very relevant by focusing on real business opportunities and giving students updated know-how.

International Week contributes with an important factor to both students and lecturers, says Michael Huss Svejstrup, International Director at Cphbusiness:

- Once again we show that internationalization is not a classroom subject alone, but that it is highly relevant to bring the world to Cphbusiness to the benefit of both students and lecturers at Cphbusiness Søerne.

- It is vital for students today that they have an international perspective on the business world, and that they can see themselves play an active role. International Week is a good opportunity for developing this perspective and the relevant competences, says Michael Huss Svejstrup.

International Week runs in week 41, starting Monday 3 October with classroom involvement, while the presentations will be held in the afternoon of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 2.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m. 

See the programme for more details: