The Alumni meeting created great synergy and ideas

Tuesday 15 November graduates from Cphbusiness shared their ideas at the Alumni meeting. 

21 November 2016

Dedicated graduates from Cphbusiness participated in the Alumni meeting 15 November in order to share their ideas for the alumni network.

Once the status on the alumni network was presented the graduates started idea generating and there was a great ping-pong in the room. One idea led to another and the synergy effect was fantastic.

“It was very valuable to learn about the needs and ideas for the alumni network. This network is created for the graduates, therefore it is crucial to involve the graduates to secure value and relevance”, says Charlotte Dalgaard Petersen, project manager for Cphbusiness Alumni.

Here are some of the ideas that the graduates shared:

Idea: Morning event, where a speaker gives a talk about a relevant topic within a certain field and afterwards there is breakfast and networking. The event should take place early enough in order for people to get to work in time.

Idea: When a new book is published within a relevant field of study the author or a Cphbusiness lecturer could give a presentation about the new book and its content.

Idea: Present personal career stories from the graduates in the alumni newsletter.

Idea: Offer a start package to newly graduates. The start package should contain relevant information and good advice on how to get a job.

And much more great ideas!

“The team behind Cphbusiness Alumni will now look into the ideas and figure out which ideas we can execute, how and when”, says Charlotte Dalgaard Petersen, project manager for Cphbusiness Alumni.

See pictures from the event on Facebook.