- I went to Madrid because I like to travel

Read lecturer Carsten Buhl's travel letter from Madrid, where he visited two students from Cphbusiness who are on exchange.

06 December 2016

By lecturer Carsten Buhl

- I went to Madrid because I like to travel.

These are the words of Frederik Beth. He is 21 years old and a marketing management student from Cphbusiness Søerne. He is on the third month of his exchange in Madrid at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos that has over 40,000 students.

- We are challenged in many different ways than at home, says 22-year-old Simone Hanfmann who, like Frederik Beth, is on exchange through the Erasmus programme, and continues:

- The lectures are very different. Some of the content is the same as at home, but we are challenged in a different way, says Simone Hanfmann and elaborates:

- For example, we have to create a marketing plan from start to end and finish it by making a video pitch for the company's directors.

Lecture at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, which is a 20-year old university with more than 40,000 students.

An exciting and different weekday 

Simone Hanfmann and Frederik Beth are happy that they planned their lectures from home, although they also had to adapt when they first arrived in Madrid. Among other things, they had to get used to the examination form in Spain. 

- A lot of the tests are multiple-choice tests without any resources. We are not quite used to that. It is of course different for us, says Frederik Beth.

Simone Hanfmann and Frederik Beth tell about their exciting weekday, where they have chosen to live with four other students in an apartment in the centre of Madrid. They tell about the experiences and surprises and about the language, which is a challenge.

- The locals do no speak a lot of English, so the Spanish classes we had at business school are very useful, says Simone Hanfmann.

- We highly recommend taking a semester abroad as part of your studies, says Frederik Beth.

- You learn a lot about other things than the studies and get a new perspective on Denmark and on our education at home, says Simone Hanfmann and takes a bite of some tapas at a small, cozy restaurant with Frederik Beth in Madrid's historic centre.

Erasmus students Simone Hanfmann and Frederik Beth from Cphbusiness at Plaza del Sol in Madrid.