Students in Korean university newspaper

Three students from Cphbusiness are on exchange at Kookmin University in Korea, where they are in the university’s newspaper. The stay in Korea is an experience for life, and everyone should try studying in another country, says one of the students.

16 December 2016

- Being on exchange in Korea is the best thing I have ever experienced. Korea has so much to offer, and I have not been bored at any moment.

These are the words of student Christian Ulrich Hansen. Together with Anders Hedegaard Stoltenborg and Daniel Aastrand, who are also students, he is on exchange at Kookmin University in the Korean capital Seoul.

- The trip changes your view on Denmark, on Korea and on the whole world, since I have met people from more than 15 different countries from all over the world, whom I hang out with almost every day. It is an experience for life, tells Christian Ulrich Hansen.

At Kookmin University they are very fond of the three students from Cphbusiness, who have been in the university’s newspaper BizOnTimes.

- Obviously, we cannot read the newspaper, but we are pleased to see that our students apparently are doing fine at Kookmin University, says Raluca Petras who is International Coordinator at Cphbusiness.

- We have received a kind letter from Hanvit, who is our contact person at Kookmin University. He mentions that they are very pleased to have our three students on exchange and sends the university’s newspaper including pictures of Christian, Anders and Daniel, she says.

A different culture and an impressive CV

- Before I left, I was sceptical about going to Asia, because I did not know whether I would like it or not. I was wrong – it is fantastic. If you get the opportunity to go, do it, says Christian Ulrich Hansen.

There were several reasons to why he chose Korea.

- I wanted to experience a different culture, and Korea was by far the place with the most different culture compared to what we are used to. I also thought a little about my CV, because I wanted to go somewhere that would look impressive on a CV. This is where I think Korea stands out, tells Christian Ulrich Hansen.

He is happy for the support he has experienced in Korea.

- The planning was a hassle, because I had difficulties coordinating my courses with my counsellor, when I was in Denmark, but when I met my counsellor in Korea, there were no problems at all. They are very kind and helpful. I have met with my counsellor more than 20 times, and he has helped me every time without hesitation, says Christian Ulrich Hansen.

Strongly recommended

Christian Ulrich Hansen has gained a lot from his stay in Seoul.

- I have got a large international network, my English has become way better, and I have learned some basic Korean in my spare time. I have become more independent, and I have more self-discipline now, he tells.

Therefore, he wants to recommend other students to go on exchange.

- I will strongly recommend that you go on exchange. You meet new people, you learn about the country’s history, and you get a new view on Denmark and the rest of the world. And then it is just an amazing experience and something, I think, every student should do, says Christian Ulrich Hansen.