International Week gave a new perspective

Guest lecturers gave students from Cphbusiness new knowledge about the subjects Brexit, Southern Europe and Eastern Europe and the Baltic States at International Week from 21 to 23 February.

02 March 2017

- You gain a lot of new knowledge that you can use in relation to your education, says Heidi de Teilmann, who studies AP degree in Marketing Management at Cphbusiness.

She is one of the around 130 students, who participated in International Week at Cphbusiness Søerne from 21 to 23 February 2017.
International Week at Cphbusiness focused on the three themes:

  • Southern Europe: The need for reforms and business opportunities
  • Great Britain: Brexit and the impact on business
  • Eastern Europe: Baltic Focus - Can we make money there?

Four international guest lecturers gave the students insight into the themes.

- It is a nice initiative. I think it is very exciting to participate in and hear from people, who come from those countries. That makes it super interesting, says student Nicolai Engel Olufsen from AP degree in Marketing Management.

Guest lecturer from England spoke about the consequences of Brexit

The concept behind International Week is to give the students an international perspective through foreign guest lecturers, cases and examples from the world outside Cphbusiness.

Senior lecturer Noah Karley from Lord Ashcroft International Business School, Anglia Ruskin University in England spoke about Brexit’s impact on business.

- One of the biggest challenges, especially for businesses in the service sector, is about the personnel. The skilled labour that they need. Would they get the right calibre of people to work for them if you decide to leave the EU, he says.

- Right now many are waiting because no one knows how things are going to unfold. That is the reason companies wait and see if they should move or invest more. There is a 90 percent chance that an exit is going to happen, but that also means that there is a small possibility that it does not happen, says Noah Karley.

Senior lecturer Noah Karley from Lord Ashcroft International Business School.

He has the following message to students, who are interested in business:

- The smarter students will be able to see new options and work with them in a very smart way no matter what happens. If the students are creative, Brexit can be a positive thing.

Exciting and clearer

The students appreciated Noah Karley’s lecture on Brexit.

- Brexit has an impact on international trade and trade barriers which we work on in class. Here we heard from a person, who has worked with and specialised himself in exactly those topics, so that was exciting, says Mathias Hagelund, who studies the Top-up Bachelor's degree International Sales and Marketing.

- It became clearer which options Great Britain has. He perceives Brexit in a different way because he lives there, says student Isabelle Juncker from the same study programme.

- Brexit is happening right now and it can be a difficult subject to familiarise oneself with because there are so many uncertainties. So to get input from a person, who knows what he is talking about, gives you something different, says Nicolai Engel Olufsen.

The Portuguese embassy and the Estonian company Tavex also participated in International Week.