Students help Tryg

On 10 March the winners of the case competition Bridge 2017 presented their idea to the case company Tryg.

23 March 2017

- It was a great experience. I think it gave a good impression of how the company works, and it gave us the opportunity to show what we can, and what we can offer in the future, says Louise Møller.

She is studying at the Marketing Management study programme at Cphbusiness and is one of the winners of the case competition Bridge 2017 that visited the case company Tryg on 10 March 2017.

The visit at the insurance group was the culmination of the case competition that took place on Cphbusiness Lyngby from 30 January to 3 February.

During the week 350 students worked in groups across study programmes and nationalities to come up with the best solution to the issue Tryg had raised.

- We could really sense that Tryg took part in this project to use our students' thoughts to shape new ways of thinking in Tryg, says Anne Marie Haas, lecturer and coordinator of Bridge 2017.

Tryg: A win-win situation

Tryg gained a lot from the collaboration with the students, says Anne Nørklit Lønborg, Vice President, IT development and shared systems at Tryg.

Tryg's challenge is that they do not adequately address the youth.

- Now there are 300 students, who know what Tryg is and who think of insurance. We have been presented with solutions and marketing opportunities that speak directly to young people, and we would not get that if we made a workshop at the office, so we see this partnership as a win-win situation, says Anne Nørklit Lønborg.

Watch the video about Bridge 2017

You can watch the video about the case competition here:

Feedback on a real problem

Italian Mattia Martini is studying Multimedia Design and Communication at Cphbusiness, and like Louise Moller he is part of the group that presented its idea for Tryg. He is excited about the chance to work with businesses in practice.

- It was good to receive feedback and help in building our presentation from the older students. I am happy I had the opportunity to present the project in front of an audience made by Tryg employees. I felt welcome, our presentation received good feedback, and I am happy I was able to see how such a big company looks from the inside, tells Mattia Martini and continues:

- I learned how to work with a multitasking team and to approach a real problem. It was great to see how different experiences put together can solve issues. We were constantly discussing our ideas to be sure that we would come up with a realistic solution.

From left to right: Student John Hansen, student Louise Møller, student Sophie Amalie Frausing Christensen, Anne Nørklit Lønborg from Tryg and student Mattia Martini.

Danish and international students together across courses

The winner group consisted of students from the study programmes Computer Science, Marketing Management, Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management, and Multimedia Design and Communication at Cphbusiness, and the very mix of students from different study programmes contributed to a positive experience.

- I think the Bridge week was a good way to mix both international and Danish classes across the study programmes. It gave a greater insight into what the other study programmes can and do as well as practice in cooperation, not only across cultures and courses, but also in a different language than Danish, says student Louise Møller.

- The students returned happy with more confidence about the future and the job opportunities, and we left Tryg with an agreement to examine the option for group internships in the future, tells lecturer and coordinator Anne Marie Haas.