Stine got a job at Microsoft

Stine Lund Johansen graduated in January 2017 and just got a job at Microsoft, where she also did her internship. Read her story about how she got the job.

27 April 2017

In January 2017, I graduated from the Top-up Bachelor in International Sales and Marketing Management. Before that I graduated from the AP Degree in Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management.

My career goals

The funny thing is that I have never had any specific career goals, though I have had several ideas about what I wanted to for my career. After spending 2 years in Australia, I thought I wanted to be a Vetenarian Assistant, specialized in horses… Oh, and then there was the Military Helicopter Pilot phase.

But during my time at Cphbusiness, where you get exposed to several different topics and areas, I found myself beginnig to identify certain areas of interest, which I wanted to pursue and implement in my future career. The job title itself has never a focus of mine.

Cphbusiness has allowed me to get involved with many different projects and encouraged me to take up challenges that I have never thought I would do or dare. This has resulted in a great development, both professional and personal.

My first job

During my studies, I had a student job as a Social Media Manager in Lyngby Storcenter and I was able to keep this job after graduating, until starting a maternity leave cover on April 3rd 2017 at Microsoft.

I work as a Program Coordinator for Microsoft Dynamics Academic Alliance. My tasks include the responsility for the team-inbox in the EMEA timezone, which involves communication with professors, partners and students from Europe and beyond. Onboarding, consulting, and problem solving are probably the keywords for this position, and I will be involved in marketing later on in the process.

The majority of communication and meetings is via Skype for Business, which both covers external meetings, but also our internal team meetings. My manager and half of our team is positioned in Fargo, USA, so this is a very new, different, and exciting way of working, which really sharpens your communication skills, as body language is out of the question.

How I got the job

My internship during the Top-up Bachelor was at the Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen, in the communication department, which provided me with lots of contacts, new skills and great experience. I left behind a good impression, by working hard, networking and passing an interview process for a graduate program. So when I came back to present my bachelor assignment, I was pulled aside and asked if I was interested in a maternity cover. Despite not working for this team, they had noticed me and knew that I would be able to contribute – which was a great compliment and very motivating.

My future plans

Currently I know what I am doing until the end of 2017, and after that I hope that another exciting challenge will occur, or else I will do my best to make it happen. I am excited to see where my current job will take me, and what experience I will gain during my time at Microsoft – a work place that I would not mind staying at.

How I use the alumni network

I was going to attend some of Cphbusiess Alumni’s free offers, such as the ”Personal Branding” event, which I see as a great opportunity for jobseekers. I believe that it is a great place for people to share their experiences, network, and generate value for whomever that might need it. Despite having a job, I will most certainly stay updated and stay involved with the Alumni network.

My advice to job seeking graduates

It might sound like a cliché, but be yourself, be honest, be polite and be brave, you are the only one who knows what you can contribute with. So make sure to let a potential employer know what you can do, but more importantly who you are.

Best regards,

Stine Lund Johansen
Graduate of Cphbusiness