Successful Career View Workshop

Thursday 30 March 2017 the alumni network held the exclusive Career View Workshop.

03 April 2017

It can be a challenge finding a career path that’s right for you and will make you thrive. But that is what Cphbusiness Alumni would like to help our graduates with. That is why Cphbusiness Alumni offered 25 graduates the exclusive opportunity to get their career profiles mapped with the acknowledged management tool Career View.

The Career View model helps job seekers, employers and employees to understand their own and others' motivational factors. The model then helps to gain an understanding of how to develop one’s career in a direction that matches one’s personal motivation. The Career View model is based on more than 40 years of research and highlights four main career concepts.

At the workshop the participants took the Career View test and discovered their individual career profiles based on the four career concepts. Afterwards, consultant Torsten Laursen gave the participants feedback on their personal career profile.

During the workshop career advisor Anne Marie Valentin related the career profiles to different companies and company cultures. Furthermore, she presented her six steps towards getting the dream job.

Our participants then went home knowing more about their individual motivational factors, which type of career path they should pursue – and furthermore, how to get the right job.

Satisfied participants

The participants at the workshop were primarily job seeking graduates, looking for advice on how to identifying the right career. The participants were very satisfied with the workshop and got some useful tools for their further job search and, most importantly, they were able to reflect on their approach to beginning their careers.

The workshop will be held again

In the Fall, the Career View workshop will be held again, in order to offer more graduates the opportunity to get their career profiles mapped, and to learn more about themselves and their career development.

Read more about Career View here.

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