Timea got a job at Praqma

Timea Kiss graduated January 2017 and got a job at Praqma, where she also did her internship. Read her story about her job as a consultant and her next big step.

27 April 2017

In January 2017, I graduated from the Top-up Bachelor in Software Development. Before that I graduated from the AP Degree in Computer Science.

My first job

I was immediately hired by Praqma in April 2016, right after I completed my internship with them.

During a typical work day, I spend most of my time at our customers, working as a consultant. Right now, this means MAN Diesel. I spend the day planning improvements to their workflow, making interviews with executives, and doing some coding, which helps the transition from one tool to another that they are about to use.

Cphbusiness has helped me understand the need to know how businesses work to create value with software development. Also, learning agile procedures and SCRUM helped me gain insight into how well and fast a team can work together.

Persistence is also an important skill I gained. During our assignments I have learned to be creative with solutions and just keep trying. I believe you need some battle scars to become a good developer. I got a good start at Cphbusiness, not being aware back then how much similar my real life projects would be to our challenges at the academy.

My future plans

My career goal is to start my own company as a freelance software developer and now it is finally time. I am about to make the switch I have been dreaming of.

Most of the roles I have been fulfilling so far were about management and organizing, due to my interest in those areas. Now, I am applying for a full stack developer position, where I am not only working solely with code, but I can do it remotely, living anywhere on the globe, which I would love. As a result, I am moving to Barcelona for a while.

How I use the alumni network

I find the alumni network to be a very interesting resource, specially as years go by. The alumni network is an investment that gains value continuously. I would love to be able to find our alumni around the globe during my travels. Alumni can be a great first touch point in major cities, not to mention industries.

In 2016 I joined the Alumni Advisory Board. I can see how much this organization creates value, and I love to be part of it, because it means a more direct connection with my fellow alumni and also a chance to generate value for others.

So be an active part of the alumni network, and let’s do some business one day!

My advice to job seeking graduates

What I found vital is to know what you really want. Give it some thought and ask yourself: what is the next puzzle piece in your knowledge portfolio that you want to put in place to get where you want to be? For example, do you want to be part of an existing great company or are you aiming to build your own? The path may differ greatly and the clearer you are about your own goals, the smoother the path can be.