Resume workshop and networking

Tuesday 23 May 2017 the alumni network invited graduates and students to a resume workshop with networking.

31 May 2017

Career advisor Anne Marie Valentin from facilitated the workshop and took the participants how to create a relevant resume and a good job application.

More than 15 graduates and students participated in the workshop, that was held at Cphbusiness Søerne.

Anne Marie made sure that the workshop included exercises and discussions among the participants, in order to have some important reflections that can be used when you need to present yourself shortly in a resume.

- I found this workshop very useful. I have been at several alumni events and I always learn valuable things and this time I could also get feedback on my resume, tells participant Ana Bem Bizjan.

Resume checks

At the workshop, the participants could also book 20 minutes with a resume expert and get personal feedback on their resume.

- We think it’s important to offer our alumni network personal sessions where they can get personal feedback e.g. on their resumes, explains Charlotte Dalgaard Petersen, Alumni Manager.

Participant Ana Bem Bizjan tells about her experience getting her resume checked:

- It was great to see how a professional sees my resume, and I got tips on how to improve it. I will definitely use the knowledge from this workshop in my job search and future career.

Professional portraits

After the workshop, the participants could network and get their portrait taken by a professional photographer.

- One of the things, we often see in people’s resumes, are profile pictures from a holiday or a party situation, and that is not the best way to appear as a professional candidate for the job. Therefore, it’s important to have a more professional picture for your resume, explains resume expert Ann Christine Weber Brandt.

The workshop was sponsored by HK.

See the pictures form the event on Facebook.