Proactive students in the semi-final in international competition

Four students from Cphbusiness made it to the semi-final in a big Hungarian case competition that they themselves had found.

22 June 2017

Four students from the Top-up Bachelor's degree programme in International Sales and Marketing at Cphbusiness - Adrian Racek, Danni Dahl Petersen, Máté Fiderman and Sandra Beenfeldt - participated in an international case competition in Budapest, Hungary's capital.

The competition was open for marketing bachelor and master students from around the world and 978 from more than 140 different universities and 38 different countries participated.

The four students from Cphbusiness reached the semi-final and ended in the top 40.

- We participated because we wanted to win and to compete with other students. It was fun and we learned a lot. It was nice to meet lots of other students. Other students from the Top-up Bachelor's degree programme could also learn something from participating in these kinds of competitions. All you need is to be interested and pursue the opportunity, says student Máté Fiderman.

The airline Wizz Air was in charge of the case competition where the task was to analyse a segment and make an appropriate campaign based on the company's values and existing network.

A lot of praise from Wizz Air

The panel that evaluated the students' presentations consisted of senior executives from Wizz Air.

- The Top-up Bachelor's degree programme’s focus on cases was a solid foundation. We received lots of praise for our presentation and presentation skills. The panel told us that we were very professional in the preparation of our recommendations, says student Sandra Beenfeldt.

- It was a really exciting experience where for example our ability to search data was needed. Among other things they were impressed that we read their annual report thoroughly and used that in the assignment, says student Danni Dahl Petersen.

Dean is proud of the students

Susanne Rievers, Dean of Sales and Marketing Management at Cphbusiness, praised the four students for finding and participating in a case competition abroad.

- We think it's really nice that the students take an initiative and pursue opportunities. The Top-up Bachelor's degree programme has a lot of practice-oriented casework that equips the students well, both going forward, but also to participate in case competitions like this, she says.

The four students from Cphbusiness and Susanne Rievers, Dean of Sales and Marketing Management.

The students, who previously have won an IBM case competition with the theme implementing strategies, gained several things from the competition in Budapest.

- In terms of winning such a competition, we have probably learned that we need to be even sharper in delivering a tangible product that the company can use afterwards, says student Adrian Racek.